CBR 929 RR

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CBR 929 RR
Player: @SunGryphon
Origin: Technology/Mutant
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 14
Personal Data
Real Name: Brian Jody O'Connell
Known Aliases: CBR
Species: Human
Age: 32 - July 4, 1976
Height: 8'5"
Weight: 375
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Beer Drinker
Place of Birth: Chalmette, LA
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Brandon (twin), Bill (father), Eva (mother)
Known Powers
Energy control, invulnerability
Known Abilities
Talks as smooth as molasses
Bottle opener, fishing rod
Sometimes after drinking to the point of passing out, Brian's mind becomes susceptible to the mind control of Mr. Whith and becomes his evil alter-ego, Urban Scorn.



If I could sum up what Brian represents for me, it would be "denial". Brian's whole existence is based out of denial - denial of his alcoholism, denial of his homosexuality, and denial of love. Originally built on the heels of his twin Brandon, Brian was based off a former EQ guildmate of mine, who I knew consumed at least a 12-pack, more often a 24-pack, of beer -every- night. Over time, the character managed to develop into his own personality and become what he is today.


The Talons of Freedom


Brian's demeanor has changed over time due to his trials. Originally very brash and bold, often speaking without thinking, he came across as an asshole to those who didn't know him well. Being around Brandon usually tempered this to a more manageable attitude, but he was still very full of himself, at least while he had his helmet on.

Now that he is returned from the Rogue Isles, his mannerisms are a lot more subdued. He tends to think before speaking, and is very deliberate in his mannerisms. He is also much calmer and thoughtful towards others. Because of his changed attitude, he was chosen by Moira O'Connor to assist in leading the now-defunct group Lux Aeterna, despite his battle with alcoholism.


Both Brian and Brandon are dual-origin. Although classified as Technology heroes by Paragon City, they are also both mutants, and derive their powers from both aspects. The Technological aspect comes from the specialized suit of power armor that he wears, which was designed and built by Brandon, and incorporated the wreckage of Brian's motorcycle.


This is the manifestation of Brian's mutation. It is speculated that nearly losing his twin may have finally driven Brian's mutation into activity after being dormant for 28 years. He discovered it after a night of binge-drinking, then driving his motorcycle off a cliff at high speed. He survived, the motorcycle did not, though it was used in the manufacture of his armor.

Energy Manipulation

This is a feature built into Brian's armored suit that allows him to use concussive energy to disorient his foes in a fight. Although Brian himself is quite strong, this energy allows him to perform feats above and beyond what he would normally be able to do.


Another feature of Brian's suit, he is able to run extremely fast. Brandon is currently testing the possibility of adding a jump feature to the armor, so it's likely that Brian's armor will include this in the future.

Additional Powers

Brian has no additional powers at this time.


Fly Tying

Believe it or not, Brian is an accomplished fly fisherman, and spends a lot of his free time tying flies. He does this because the amount of focus and concentration needed is so great, he can usually ignore his other issues. Despite the size of his large hands, he has very deft and nimble fingers, and has actually managed to secure a small business income with his flies.

Skill 2

Other Skills

Weaknesses and Limitations

Brian is an alcoholic, and has been for some years. Although he has cut back immensely after his stint in the Rogue Isles, he still backslides now and then. Unfortunately, on the worse of these backslides, he falls back under the influence of Mr. Whith, and returns to the Rogue Isles to hunt as Urban Scorn, leader of a small paramilitary assault squad based there called Beachhead, under the command of Umbral Witch.

Brian is gay, though he denies this very, very heavily, almost to the point of homophobia. The fact that his brother is also gay and accepts it has slowly been helping him through his denial, along with the support of Moira O'Connor, whom he dated briefly before coming to Paragon City. He is still extremely sensitive to attention from the same sex, and overcompensates by badly mangling his relationships with the opposite sex. Brian has been rejected by more women than he cares to admit, and has an extremely fragile ego because of this.


Character History



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