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Nice... equipment.
Camshaft GT
Player: @Talosa Spark
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Cameron Meadows
Known Aliases: Cammy, GT
Species: Human (cyborg)
Age: 24
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Mechanic and Actress
Place of Birth: New York, New York
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: David Meadows (brother)
Known Powers
Super speed and built in Rikti based weaponry and medical technology
Known Abilities
Accomplished mechanic, Rated for everything from diesel to aircraft engines.
Cybernetic armor extensions for use of her powers in combat.
No additional information available.

Cameron Meadows used to do TV commercials for High performance parts for the use in muscle cars and race cars dressed as the Faux Super heroine "Camshaft." That is, until a Rikti ship dropped a bomb in front of her and her brother's shop.

Severely injured by the explosion, Cameron was sure to die... however, her brother had been harboring a secret ability to meld any technology on hand to serve whatever purpose necessary. Using his power, he fashioned a life support system that saved her life, and did his best to keep them both hidden from the invading aliens. Since then, Cameron spent the next year and a half more or less restricted to the shop, despite the advanced prosthetics and near complete rebuild of her body, she was tethered to the new shop's power grid in order to stay alive.

Finally her brother couldn't take it anymore. He began collecting bits and parts of Advanced Riki technology and developing new parts for his beloved sister. With her permission, he utterly redesigned her prosthetic body to not only be capable of passing for a normal human, but can equip various components on the fly so that she too, can join the battle against the Rikti menace. Thus, the newly empowered Camshaft GT was born!



Though her period trapped in the confines of the shop left her feeling increasingly morose, her newly regained independence saw to a resurgence in her old bubbly happy personality. However, this resurgence is tempered with a more mature outlook on life, even if she's still inclined to "grab life by the horns."

Some people have noted, that she has an intense fear and loathing of heights, though she can force herself to get over it long enough to fly short distances with available technology.

Recent activities

Aside from her recent registration as a hero, GT has been working on picking up her acting career once more, even if it was more of a side hobby before, its still helped bring in money when times where tight.

Little else is known about what other activities she has engaged in. However, her brother seems to be continually upgrading her equipment, but shows no signs of entering the fray as a Super hero Himself.


Jade and Michael Meadows are her esteemed parents. Her father died of heart failure 5 years prior to her accident, while her mother simply disappeared during the first Rikti raid, and is presumed dead.

Her brother, David Meadows, is a semi known technopath capable of intuitively building nearly anything from almost any components available.. thought he quality of the item will always be subject to what parts he has on hand.

Powers and equipment

While her offensive and defensive powers are blatantly reverse engineered Rikti Tech, her Superspeed is not.

Her incredible speed comes from three specialized systems that work in concert. The first is the Slipstream field, which lowers drag around her body so that she isn't hindered by wind resistance nearly as much. The second is the Inertial Damper, which eliminates most of her body's inerta in such a manner that only a small amount of effort is needed to move her body relatively fast. The third is called the "static lock" which keeps her from launching herself high into the air with every step. Arguably, there is a fourth system, that being her guidance system, but it is mostly ignored as it is not required for her super speed to function.

It is thought that her brother somehow managed to get a hold of and duplicate the technology found on Rikti drop ships in order to develop the slipstream and inertial damper. However, signs are starting to point away from that as the Rikti ships seem to only utilize one of the three technologies.

Though, considering the above, she could of had the ability to jump or fly rather than move really quickly on the ground. This might actually have more to do with her fear of heights, though not likely, since she has been known to use jetpacks from time to time, and more to do with stylistic choices.

Recent developments have noted that her technology is evolving on its own, and she may in fact be the root cause of it. Further investigation indicates that she might of had powers very similar to her brother, only they haven't fully manifested until now.

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Her power is that of optimization, she can somehow alter and push technology to its absolute limits, causing it to evolve and change seemingly on its own. This seems to work in tandem to her brother's power of invention. Together they could potentially become extremely powerful simply by combining their talents.
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