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If you've been hit harder, you're probably dead.
Player: @Starflier
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 6
Personal Data
Real Name: Nathan Cross
Known Aliases: Nate
Species: Human
Age: 32
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 205lbs (2205lbs w/arms)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian/American
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Brandon, MB
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: All Deceased (Rikti raid)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Special Forces training
Robotic Arms

((In-game Bio till I have time to write more))

For Lt. Nathan Cross 2002 was a mixed year. His mutant gene kicked in making him nearly indestructible. Unfortunately this happened because of the shock of having both arms cut off by religious extremists in Afghanistan.

When military scientists found out about this they knew he would be a perfect candidate for their new robotic arms since his body could handle the immense weight and the arms wouldn't tear free from his torso.

Unfortunately Nathan was no longer able to touch anyone who was not themselves indestructible for fear of breaking them. The Canadarms project was scrapped when the government scientists realized it would simply be cheaper and easier to produce better equipment for regular soldiers.

After several years of fighting crime in Canada, Nathan became a dual-citizen and moved to Paragon City to further his crime-fighting lifestyle. Getting his citizenship and apartment were fairly easy. Too bad he lost his wallet the day after arriving. C'est la vie!?


The Man


Born in raised in Brandon, Manitoba, Nathan Henry Cross was always easy-going and energetic. He spent his summers camping and fishing and his winters playing hockey. He enjoyed rock music, fast cars, and was something of a hit with the ladies.

By the time he had finished high school he had outgrown his hometown. He longed to see the world, and felt the best way to do that would be to join the military.

Military Life

Nathan fit right into the military making a good impression on his superiors. He eagerly sought to be the best man in his unit and his determination did not go unnoticed.

Promotions and special training were forthcoming, and after a few short years he found himself in charge of a unit of up and coming soldiers. The men and women of the unit shared Nathan's professionalism and earned accolades and respect for operations carried out both in Canada, and elsewhere in the world. When the Forces deployed in Afghanistan, Nathan's unit was given several important assignments, although most details of those missions still remain classified.

The mission that cost Nathan his arms is one such mission. While little is known of the objectives of the mission, it is known that Nathan was captured while providing cover for his unit while they made their escape from enemy territory. For his part in the mission he received several medals for bravery and an honorable discharge following his recovery in a military hospital.

A New Life

While recovering in the hospital in Afghanistan, Nathan was approached by representatives of a clandestine government organization. They offered to give him new arms and in return he would work for them, fighting crime and training new recruits. Nathan accepted immediately, looking forward to getting new arms as well as the opportunity to learn more about his new mutation.

Outfitted with the 'Canadarms' Nathan made an immediate impact on the criminal element of Canada. Able to go toe-to-toe with the biggest and meanest of villains, Nathan helped crush the criminal element in several major cities. In his off-time he helped to train new recruits, teaching them what he'd learned of combat and survival.

He has maintained a loose affiliation with the group for the past few years since his family were killed in a Rikti raid in Toronto. Feeling very much alone, he has made his way to Paragon City to help against the renewed Rikti threat there and take a little revenge.

Age, experience, and loss have tempered the enthusiasm of the man. No longer the boisterous youth, he has become a much more reserved and easy-going individual. One of the most remarkable things about Nathan is how he takes everything in stride. Nothing seems to impress or amaze him, even in the super powered world of Paragon City. Tying his shoes, or doing battle with a 70 foot tall zombie, it's all the same to him.

Powers, Equipment, Training


Nathan's mutation makes him incredibly tough and resistant to physical injury. Over the years fighting crime throughout Canada, this ability has proven effective against fists, knives, bats, guns, cars, and even a wrecking ball. While the upper limits of this mutation are not yet known, military scientists assert that it is still maturing and that Nathan will in time become even more resistant to injury.

Nathan's unique situation of being invincible, yet having no arms, made him ideal for the Canadarms project. While working to build defense robots for Northern Watch bases, scientists developed the robotic arms Nathan now wields. Each arm weighs 1000 pounds and is attached to his torso. Without his mutation, the arms would rip him in half due to their sheer weight.


These two monstrous mechanical arms are what set Nathan apart from most heroes and gave him his crime-fighting name. Each weighing a thousand pounds, the arms are constructed of an Impervium alloy.

The arms are nigh-indestructible and allow Nathan to lift incredible amounts of weight. Upper limits have not been reached, but the heaviest object lifted to date was a locomotive.

The immense strength provided by the arms is a mixed blessing. While Nathan can utilize the great strength to fight crime and save lives, he must be incredibly careful when touching any object or person, lest he crush it. The arms were built with maximum power in mind, and efforts to fine tune them have largely been unsuccessful to date. This has left Nathan cut off from any personal relationships and rather lonely, though he rarely betrays such feelings.

Special Forces

Prior to his accident, Lt. Nathan Cross was a decorated special forces operative with the Canadian Forces. While much of his career is still classified, he has revealed that he led several missions deep into the mountains of Afghanistan to extract priority targets from the heart of Taliban controlled installations. While he rarely has need for the stealth and finesse he previously employed, it is important to note he is well versed in all manner of battlefield strategy and tactics.


-Favourite Hockey Teams: Brandon Wheat Kings, Manitoba Moose, Vancouver Canucks

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