Cannon Girl

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Cannon Girl
Player: Night-Girl
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Hyper Real Fusion Silver Generation Megabox Oblivion Doll
Known Aliases: None
Species: Robot
Age: 3
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 100 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Recreational Military Children's Kitchen Appliance Toy
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: N/A
Known Relatives: N/A
Known Powers
Energy Expulsion, Super Speed, Rocket Jumping, Body Armor, Advanced Targeting Systems, 57 Speed Mixer/Blender/Table Saw
Known Abilities
Video Games, Cooking, Military Level Information Databanks, Singing, Love and Friendship
No additional information available.

Cannon Girl is a Japanese robot, intended to be an all-in-one product that would bring a troubled corporation back from the brink of bankrupcy. It was a complete disaster, but one model managed to get sent to the Liberty League headquarters by accident, and Americop signed her up for the Liberty League Scouts.



Supergroup: Liberty League Scouts

Original Advertising Pamphlet

The brochure found in the package contained the following product information:


In order to buy the Hyper Real Fusion Silver Generation Megabox Oblivion Doll thank you! The unit of this specification is shown "the Girl Cannon", using the order of the simple deck with anytime, if it is the taste which can change her name!

Default personality of the Girl of the Cannon is very amicable and energetic, but in activation, or being easy in the date whose you selection is slower than all, it is possible to change her personality, with gradual voice process!

Being a multi-purpose unit and Cannon Girl will offer one of her many other purposes to solve problems as you need them!


Energy Expulsion

Energy of the Oblivion!

Military application 500% cleaner for air, soon to have replacement for all metal projectiles!

As for the Girl of the Cannon similar to the discharge of abundant collection of free method, it is possible through the plural exits of her "skin" to discharge the high energy plasma from her hand and the feet!

Super Speed

Speed of the Hyper!

The fact that she is utilized 60 miles per hour the robotic foot, the speed which can move with her is increased, it advanced!

Rocket Jumping

Jump of the Fusion!

By the discharge energy from the sole of her feet, the Girl of the Cannon is not believed, to be height, it ends it is not believed, it is and can launch her herself in interval!

Body Armor

Skin of the Silver!

As for the body of the Girl of the Cannon there is a resistivity which is taken patent by Japanese Daitokuji Corporation, however the adaptable substance is painted!

That most perforations and cutting, or can decrease sluggish power in order to prevent the damage to the internal system! In order to adjust her appearance in order to be suited for her owner, that changes color, quality, and shape and it can do thing!

Advanced Targeting Systems

As for the Girl of the Cannon the target system of the troop of the state of the art which can hit to the rat of 500 yards is equipped!

57 Speed Mixer/Blender/Table Saw

She includes the arrangement of the multipurpose blade which is designed in order to cook the cutting of object and cloth, and the cutting of the wood product, it possesses many accessories and alternate function! The equipment however it is not game possible, rather can be terrible use as control!


Video Games

Fun of the Megabox!

Hundreds ones which were included and come the Girl of the Cannon which is made with the game console which can do splendid title is equipped! For getting together the pleasure and the family for all ages it is large!


In addition as for her it comes being programmed in the cooking book of 4,000! Her timing and technology of the kitchen that of cook length, the large family of serving and the gourmet restaurant which spreads are possible!

Military Level Information Databanks

With the database of 500 terabytes where she is large, as for the grasp troop of the Girl of the Cannon technology and the maneuvers which are compiled from the strategic house which makes famous depending upon the world it fights! Being included, including strength and weakness, being useful as a bodyguard of state of the art she makes the combatant of countless type and the very details analysis of technology, possible or exchange the entire police or the team of military attack!


Sound of the Generation!

Her voice is impressive! It is not limited by the sound of the young idol, as for that can imitate formal everything of song simply and! She is in advance packed many the collision which spreads, in addition it makes and includes the functionality of karaoke of attaching!

Love and Friendship

Love of the Real!

Feeling simulation of the substance of final of the artificial intelligence software is made possible! As for the Girl of the Cannon it is possible to be the friend, the relative or the girl friend of realistic interaction! Feeling unity real like protectiveness or motherhood instinct makes reaction possible!

Weaknesses and Limitations

Cannon Girl has some not-so-exciting features that, as one might expect, were not mentioned in the brochure.


The various models of the Hyper Real Fusion Silver Generation Megabox Oblivion Doll suffer from different personality disorders, possibly due to imperfections in the AI templates. This one has ADD.

Terrible Dancer

The dance algorithms for the HRFSGMODs were written so that they would always be slightly less skilled than their owners. Since all of the Liberty League Scouts are technically her owner, and that composite entity has no measurable ability to dance, Cannon Girl's routines are set at the absolute lowest level possible-- that of a 4 year old girl.

Character History


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