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"Hip Hip Hello!"
Captain Dapper
Player: @Captain Dapper
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Nobel Hart
Known Aliases: Cap, Dap, Dapper
Species: Human
Age: 88 (appears in late 20s)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Full Time Hero
Place of Birth: Talos Island, Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Baron Hart (Father)
Known Powers
Firey Melee, Regenration
Known Abilities
A winning smile
Phoenix Mask
No additional information available.




Young Nobel Hart began his life of adventure as a young member of the Adventurer's League- an organization of globe trekkers and relic hunters. It was a life full of wonder, especially for a lad of seventeen, who had only known a sheltered and privileged existence. As these stories go, however, the Adventurer's League was not exactly what it seemed to be. Rather than giving their found relics to museums or those in need, Nobel began to notice they often went missing- only to later turn up associated with crimes and catastrophes. In 1939, while on an expedition for for powerful relic, Nobel confronted the leader of the Adventurer's League, Master Magus, about the relics. In a matter of moments, and with no explanation Hart was ordered to be detained. A scuffle ensued, and the young hero dashed into the ruin to hide and gather his thoughts. Blindly running through the ruins, Nobel eventually found is way into the heart of the ruins, face to face with the relic he had come to find originally- The Phoenix Mask.

Months went by and there was no sign of Hart. A new hero had emerged in Pargaon City, however, going by the name of Captain Dapper. Weilding the power of the flame, he rose to notoriety due to his strong moral code and good attitude. Indeed, Dapper quickly made friends with a host of heroes over the years, and eventually created a small force of close super friends known as the Phoenix Five, while all the while looking into the goings on of the Adventurer's League.

Meanwhile, Master Magus had easily connected the dots between the missing teen and the new hero. Over the years he had tried to reclaim his lost prize, only to face one failure after another. Tired and half crazed, Magus hatched a nefarious plot over the years- to build an ancient weapon that was said to be invincible.

Naturally, both Dapper and Magus came to blows on one fateful night in 2001. Magus had become older, however, even with the power he gained from magic relics. Meanwhile, Dapper had seemed to age little over the many decades due to the power of the mask. With the help of his friends, Dapper easily defeated Magus and his arcane robotic monstrosity- the Ancient Construct. Just as the heroes were celebrating their victory however, the Construct initiated its self destruction, taking out all the heroes in the vicinity. Sadly, none of events were reported or known of, as the Rikti Invasion began the very next day.


A short time after the rikti forces were repelled, Dapper appeared again on the streets of Paragon City, seemingly having no knowledge of his past exploits or friends. Instead he has risen to notoriety once more with a new set of friends, including one strong ally known as Mr. Bends, a sentient zombie whom he found and protected. It's business as usual for Dapper, as he cleans up the streets of Paragon City, donning his signature yellow scarf.

Dapper knows very little about his past life, though he doesn't seem to mind. Indeed, he's even less interested in learning about the true nature of his mask and the incredible regenerative powers it holds. Instead, Dapper is extremely dedicated to protecting anyone who needs it; which is perhaps why he has kept the mask for so long...


Dapper is a happy go lucky fellow, with no time to waste on the tragedies of life. While deeply empathetic, he prefers to focus on the positive, and tries to make friends with even the nastiest of villains. As such, Dapper can be a bit stubborn in his world view, and often ignores the worst in people. Many confuse this with stupidity, which is only sometimes the case. Dapper has a willful ignorance about the way the world works, and will often steamroll his way through minor and unpleasant details. While very upbeat and friendly, Dapper does have one large negative trait- he can be incredibly vain. He may often spend hours perfecting his looks, especially his hair. Indeed, his doo now has the mass and rigidity of hard stone. In any case, he rarely uses his head for academic pursuits.



Mr. Bends- One of Dapper's best friends. Dapper actually named him after protecting the poor thing during a Zombie Apocalypse, and the two have been a duo ever since. Recently, they have both been trying to uncover the secrets of their respective pasts.

Detective Debonair- Dapper's Praetorian self. Though they don't know much about each other, they both actually want to help one another. However, Debonair is much more secretive, and has not let on about Cole's plans, despite a short stint as a proper hero. He now is a vigilante attempting to uphold both his sense of duty and justice

Phoenix Five

Captain Dapper, Leader

Masked Miss- One of Dapper's first allies, Masked Miss is a powerhouse in a pint sized package. While her powers comes somewhat from the magic belt she wears, she is still fearsome without it. It was rumored that she always had a crush on Dapper, but never really acted upon it. Instead, she helped him smash a few heads from time to time, quickly becoming one of his closest friends and strongest allies.

Gallantry- Hailing from Great Britain, Gallantry now roams the United States for a modern day damsel in distress. (He maintains that all the good ones in Mother England are taken.) Although mostly interested in love, Gallantry wields a magic bow which enables him to heal his friends. Figuring he better make the most of his assets, he has decided to fight crime as well. He is currently romantically linked to Masked Miss, despite her claims otherwise.

Galaction- Although human in appearance, Galaction is actually hails from Venus. When Galaction arrived on Earth, he had the great fortune to phase on to a Hollywood movie set. Ever since, he was cast as a action hero for the serial, and went on to become a great star. Of course, Galaction also likes to fight crime on the side, since he views both jobs as pretty much the same thing. Armed with his fantastic laser guns, Galaction can take on any foe!

Infinity Gold- Once part of the Infinity Team, Gold was let go due to "creative differences" with the leader. The exact circumstance aren't clear, but Infinity Gold continued fighting crime anyway, while retaining his moniker. His origin of power is dubious, but he claims it was from a mysterious nuclear test. Others claim it was from trying to heat a burrito on a microwave dish. Either way, he always ready to fight, and never afraid to speak his mind. Despite his brashness, Infinity Gold is a huge asset to any team.

Dapper Through the Ages

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