Captain Phantasma

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The Captain with her hair down
Captain Phantasma
Player: @supercat
Origin: Science
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Lauren Masterson
Known Aliases: "Cap" "Captain" "Laura"
Species: Homo Sapien
Age: 31
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 150 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: British (UK)
Occupation: Test Flight Captain for UKSA
Place of Birth: England
Base of Operations: Norwich
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Super human strength, speed, agility, protective energy fields, and extreme durability
Known Abilities
Energy attacks
No additional information available.




Captain Phantasma didn't always have powers, back in her early twenties she was a proud flight-captain in the UK Space Agency, going by, "Captain Masterson" at the time. Masterson was given top secret clearance to pilot and test experimental spacecraft that utilized alternate and exotic forms of power, back-engineered from captured alien technology. The goal was to unlock light speed and deep space travel. One day a test flight into deep space went terribly wrong, Laura's newest vessel malfunctioned catastrophically and exploded with her still inside, however, the strange alien energy the engine utilized didn't kill her, instead, the energy was absorbed into her body, giving her super human strength, speed, and power. She now emanates green energy. The energy Lauren absorbed surrounded her body, keeping her alive in the vacuum of space, allowing her to eventually return to Earth after navigating through space. It took Lauren several years to traverse space and find her way to Earth. By the time she reached it she was in her early 30s and found a Earth was overrun by villains, she decided to utilize her new powers to help the innocent while also trying to find a way back to her Earth. Lauren would take up the mantle of --"CAPTAIN PHANTASMA" another super hero in a world of them. Phantasma has been spending alot of time recently trying to uncover what exactly that energy she absorbed, only to find out that it Rikti in origin.


Before the accident, Laura's piloting career already left her with near-super human levels of determination and bravery, having to fly extremely dangerous experimental spacecraft isn't for the feint of heart. However, after the accident, the alien energy absorbed by her body gives Laura increased durability, flight, superhuman strength, speed, reflexes. While Phantasma's brain power and combat knowledge remains within the realm of normal human limits, her strength, durability, and reflexes can reach a incalculable level, relating to the emotions she is feeling, or the amount of energy she has absorbed. -- Phantasma is able to absorb almost any type of energy, and add it to her own, making her even more powerful, therefor her power is truly limitless. Phantasma can also manipulate and control the energy she has absorbed in any way she sees fit, among her other abilities, she can ability to sling energy bolts or wrap her body in a protective energy shields that can protect her harm or even allow her to travel through the vacuum of space.


Lauren is extremely durable, making her hard to hurt, she can shrug off most attacks and weapons, and she can control her energy fields at will to boot, but the heroine isn't without weaknesses. other super-powered foes at her strength levels, or magical energies can stand against her. Lauren only possesses normal human levels of intelligence, making her susceptible to mental, psionic, and mind control attacks. On top of all this, if Laura does not keep her emotions in check, or pushes her power too far, she can easily over charge the her energy to dangerous levels, causing a catastrophic backfire. Laura has dealt with her abilities for only 6 years. She is still technically still learning the ropes, and is quite new to this whole "hero thing", as she puts it -- but being the ultra-brave pilot that she is, she is not afraid to press on and face down evil wherever it may be. Lauren's adventures have taken her from world to world, into deep space, and even all over Earth.

Physical Description

Lauren has dark skin, she is part African, but is native to the UK. Laura has blue eyes, red hair, usually done in dreadlocks, either pulled back or let out, depending on her mood. Laura has firmly toned muscles due to her physical training from the space cadet program in the UKSA. She stands in at 5 feet 6 inches tall, with dark thick framed glasses. She usually does not wear her glasses when in her costume however. Her costume is a slick set of armored tights with a green primary color, and black trim. Part of the suit is actually her original space suit, modified by her, into a hero costume. Laura printed same star insignia that was the same emblem on the spacecraft she last piloted before her accident, onto the chest of her costume. Laura has a wide set of hips, a tiny muscled waist, and a nice plump round butt with thick muscled thighs. Lauren speaks with a British accent at all times and is quite loud and recognizable. Out of costume, Laura can found wearing normal street clothes, usually in a hip style, she would appear as any other normal human. There is nothing to distinguish her as out of the ordinary, however, during activation of her powers, her body will emanate green energy from all over, but primarily from her fists, and eyes. She can manipulate what part of the body this energy is emanating from by focusing her power to that area.


Lauren is a spunky, cocky, ace pilot with a huge ego. This has it's flaws, and often her mouth gets her into trouble, but she makes up for this by being an extremely brave, with superhuman levels of determination. She has a quick wit, and can fire back with bratty quips very easily, but at her core, she's a sweet caring girl. She cares deeply about others. She would throw herself into harms way to protect innocent, with or without her powers. Her career in the UKSA presented her with testing highly dangerous experimental spacecraft, and despite the dangers, Laura would always be the first to volunteer and potentially sacrifice herself for the sake of science.

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Lauren's Personal Profile (Warning 18+ NSFW)

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