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Academie de Vindicta has been my home for coming onto close to a year now. I joined the group back in September of 2006, and since then, we have built up alot of friendships and familial ties together. We've been doing a lot together lately, and recently, the Academie has been growing, and I can only hope that I am doing the group proud. -- Silverspar, 2007


Super Group Description

Academie de Vindicta is a super group dedicated to learning, discovering, and training our members for our own goals and ideals within the Rogue Isles. We stay out of the affairs of both Arachnos and Longbow, but are not afraid to take the fight to them if the lackeys of Recluse and Statesman try to knock on our door with hostility in mind. We look out for our own interests, and are not above taking jobs from any group if they serve our interests… and the price is right.

Located on the campus of Aeon University, the Academie uses the university as a front and cover for what we really do, which can range from mercenary work, recovery, and a few other odd jobs. As a group we look out for the interests of each other, forming a tight family bond. Fighting and helping to train the members, helping them grow stronger.

For those in Arachnos who wish to seek us out, we offer you a place to stay as well, but loyalty to the Academie comes first. Recluse is a strong believer in Darwinism, so you should not fret about battling against Arachnos from time to time, as we see we are helping him weed out those who would be considered weak.

With the recent events of the Second Rikti War, the Academie has doubled up its defenses in Cap au Diable providing a safe and secure place for our members to stay. The Academie provides its members places to research, a master computer for communication and monitoring, crafting and storage, a medical healing spring from secrets we learned from the Circle of Thorns, teleportation devices with technology we gained from various places throughout the Academies travels as well as living quarters for those members who wish to have a home and roof over their heads.

Group Motto

To Strive, To Seek, To Find, and Not To Yield.



Academie Membership

As Academie is an organization devoted to exploring and achieving the potential of the individual, as well as helping anyone achieve their goals. It is also a strong role-playing group. We have little caring if you want to stay level 5 for the rest of your life, we just want everyone to have fun, and enjoy their character and everyone else that's involved.

Academie was founded by Poca Muerte (formerly known as Petite Le Morte), FelFox [1], Delta Eclipse and several others. These members have done a wonderful job in creating not only a supergroup in the Rogue Isles, but also creating a family group.

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