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In the Rogue Isles, rumors are like rats. Ever-present, scuttling things moving about in the shadows, so ubiquitous as to be background, readily ignored. That is until one scurries up behind you and bites you.

One such persistent rumor has finally caught your attention. That a secret cooperative of villains and rogues exists hidden in the Isles. This rumor has a name. “The Conclave”.

Word is, everyone who wants in goes through a strange old doctor the papers call “Dr. Pain”. No one much knows how they’re run, or anything else about what goes on behind the scenes, but they’re said to have vast resources, and more interestingly, are all too happy to encourage any and all sorts of villainy an ambitious sort might want to get up to.

And you just happen to know where The Old Doc is hanging out lately…

((OOC: The Conclave is a casual/heavy-casual RP SG with a mission to assemble a “Rogues Gallery” of well-developed “villains for hire” to serve as antagonists in RP for daring heroes of quality who demonstrate their credentials.

Open to any Archetype, any Origin. We’re based in Redside Everlasting and have a lively Discord ready to welcome you and acclimate you to the SG.

We also run frequent PvE content in RP runs and are ready to expand into nearly any other aspect of the game our members would enjoy, with a hearty dose of RP, of course!))

PM Jooknar#4660 or Talan Yeager#8278 for details.

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