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The Cult of Voidbane is a Heroic supergroup on the Virtue server. While Kheldian-themed, its membership is not restricted - the main requirement being a dedication to hunting down Void mercenaries whenever they're spotted (such as spawning in zone population spawns because of a Kheldian's presence.)


The Cult of Voidbane started without her knowledge.

Voidbane herself was a scout, an aggressive Peacebringer who tried to bring word of the various manipulations the Nictus were attempting on Earth to her peoples attention - including, to her shock, the Void Mercenaries. Frustrated at what she saw as complacency in the region's leadership, she struck out on her own. She renounced her name and took up a new one - Voidbane. She accepted the Warshades before Parhelion did, valuing their insight, but didn't want to drag anyone else into "her" war.

Unknown to her, though, others had followed her lead. Their actions were indirectly blamed on her by the region's Kheldian leadership, accusing her of forming a cult of personality. These few Kheldians took the accusation to heart and grouped together under the banner of the "Cult of Voidbane," led by Gregor Malkov, a former dissident scientist from (then-Communist) Eastern Europe.

Eventually he approached Voidbane and revealed the group to her. It had grown to include others, aliens and Earth-native heroes alike who agreed to fight the Nictus and their plans for Earth. She was shocked, even angry, not wanting to be responsible for others getting hurt or dying in her name. Eventually she realized they weren't going away and agreed to join - if only to keep an eye on them.

Voidbane is the nominal leader, but takes more of a role of a figurehead, leaving day-to-day running to Gregor Malkov and vonDrakkar.

(In the future, thanks to a Nictus plot involving fake and highly-explosive Cysts, the Cult would be disbanded and Voidbane's powers restricted... but that has yet to come.)

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