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Fist Industries
'Founder: Matthew Lee Fist'
Side: Villains
Motto: If it aint broke, don't "fist" it!
Leader(s): Drex Vexel
Logo: A large fist inside of a circle
Group Colours: Red and black
Levels: Any
Play style: Mostly Casual
Roleplay: Required
Timezone(s): (all welcome)
Recruiting: Yes
Contact: Drex Vexel, Howling Jak, Drooke, or Malevictus
We are the descendants of evil

Fist Industries is a front for the criminal mastermind, Drex Vexel's, illegal activity. Most of it's employees are being forced to work against their will.

Fist Industries: Past, Present, Future

The Original Fist Industries

Fist Industries used to be run by a well respected businessman named Matthew Lee Fist. Matthew geared the company in a more "hero-oriented" direction. They manufactured PPD hardsuits and other useful equipment for cops. Not only that, but they began researching new formulas for medications that were used to help meta-humans with wild, uncontrolable powers. The company grew into a prosporous franchise that was one of the head companies in all of Paragon City. They were based in Kings Row in a building known as Fist Tower. Fist Tower was the tallest building in Kings Row, and some say it even streched...underneath the ground...

The Takeover of Fist Industries

Fist Industries began to become a well known company among locals of not only Paragon City, but New York, France, and even...the Rogue Isles. When word spread of the company's success, Drex Vexel was enthralled in its resources and connections. Taking over Fist Industries could give him a foothold in Paragon City and finally get him out of the Isles. When Matthew Lee Fist appeared in Siren's Call to open his contribution to the fight, a fully automated "Fist Turret," he was met by some unexpected resistance. Drex captured Fist during the ceremony and forced him to give up the company. Fist resigned as CEO of the company leaving Fist Industries leaderless. That's when Drex took over and began using the company for his own evil agenda. He killed Fist so that there was no chance of him returning and then hired some low rate thugs to help him get the company back on its feet...of course...they weren't manufacturing PPD hardsuits anymore.

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