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Out of Character note: The majority of this article is written ICly, from the perspective of Longbow Officer J. Tyler. Sections not in-character will be marked by the customary double-parenthesis.


Basic Information

((This is a heavy roleplay VG, with an emphasis on magic. We are currently seeking new blood, so if you're interested, feel free to send @Tekkaman Nova a tell or in-game email. Contrary to IC story, I (Ensoul, Vaeshraan) still run the VG. However, ICly the VG should be ran mostly by High Priests. Granted, the High Priests commune with Vaeshraan, but really my leadership role in this VG so for as the IC world goes is only by proxy.))


The Keepers of the Whisper is a villain group turned cult. Once leaded by the villain Ensoul, the supergroup's intentions were never truly made clear. Low-ranking members of the group acted much like minions of lower-threat groups such as Hellions, while higher-ranking members were scarcely even seen. However, the former leader of the group seems to have gone missing, and in his absence the group has become increasingly occult and seemingly religious.


Since the disappearance of Ensoul, the group seems ran largely by those who were left over. The strong among the few left after the former leader's disappearance became the core of the new power structure, calling themselves the "High Priests." These High Priests seem to all be very strong. Indeed, they may be archvillains in their own right.


((This section should be OOC, as members of the cult should know /why/ they're in the cult...and history is important towards that end. This will unfortunately require a telling of Ensoul's story. However, since I plan on filling out Ensoul's wiki page at some point, I'll try to summarize and be brief.

Originally, Ensoul was just a no-name villain. No super-powers, no high-technology. All he had going for him was his wits and his skill of manipulation. Using his knowledge and manipulation, Ensoul fooled Longbow into following him into a cave where the lifeforce of the planet collected to a point of actually becoming visible. Ensoul stood in this "Soulsream" and tricked Longbow into opening fire on him. Ensoul's death in the midst of this stream of life warped his very soul, turning it into a sort of "black hole" within the Soulstream. Thus, Ensoul gained his powers.

However, becoming an embodiment of emptiness subtly changes Ensoul, giving him an insatiable drive to devour. From this point forward, everything Ensoul does is with the goal to empower himself through means of devouring others. Using the sentient ruins he later discovered (the VG base, which slowly reveals more of itself as its owner(s) prove themselves), he worked his way to yet another Soulstream within the ruins. Using the power of this Soulstream along with a spell-breaking enchanted vase and a "dark core", Ensoul severed his one tie to the mortal plain, his connection to the planet (a hole, after all, is defined by what the hole is IN). This act ascended him from a powerful wraith to a newborn god: Vaeshraan.

By casting the old core of his soul into the Soulstream, he warped the energies of life (and the negative energies within the core) to create his realm: The Void.

However, shortly after Vaeshraan and his realm were born, Ensoul's adversary, Roessa Sionach, was possessed by her own dark god, Rak. Together, the two managed to seal the newborn god away in his own realm.

Those who helped Ensoul gather the spellbreaker and dark core, who also (mistakingly) already viewed him as a god, transformed the Keepers (formerly a tool for Ensoul to use to gain power) into a cult of Vaeshraan. The Keepers, now a cult, work to empower thier dark god (who, for many, is also the source of their powers) and to find a way of weakening or breaking the seal placed upon him.))



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