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When taking the moral high ground just isn't enough a broken bone or a hospital trip could be what makes the difference to a criminal in turning their life around or seeking out a harsher punishment next time.

Knight Force has a very clear notion of right and wrong and have no problem with fighting fire with fire. They will use fear and violence in order to get their point made.

However, while Knight Force may strike hard, we are still heroes none the less. The law is bendable, but not breakable. Murder for the sake of murder will not be tolerated. Killing will only be done in dire circumstances or if we receive a notice that a target is too dangerous to be left alive. There are some exceptions, such as the Clockwork, Nemesis,or other robots. Devouring Earth and their like can be destroyed, as well as Zombies of all kind. They are not truly alive and there for can be culled from the city.

Paragon City's safety is the top priority for Knight Force. Even though we may not be like the other bright and shiny group we still get the job done in the way we find most effective. We know what the citizens of this city deal with and appreciate their understanding of how we work. We want to give them the assurance that we're always out there, taking out every threat we can in the most efficient way possible, for their appreciation is why we are here.

((Knight force is a moderate RP group with the idea of acceptance for beginners in RP. Knight Force does have a darker, more violent theme, think of a rough edged Avengers. It may not be the best group for younger players. With that said Knight Force is open to all archetypes and play styles. We ask that members be respectful of others, run in Super Group mode as much as possible, and have at least one Knight Force themed costume slot. A more detailed conduct list can be found on our website, Anyone interested in joining can contact one of the Directors to set up an interview.))

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