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These stories are linked together as part of a single story arc. It grew out of the Uncommon Valor thread on the main Virtue board: for over a year, heroine Soaring Valor wrote a weekly column on the superheroic life, published every Thursday in the fictional newspaper The Paragon Sentinel. During the month of February 2008, new management discovered Soaring Valor's secret identity and published it, along with that of her daughter Shining Glory. Several column fans, from both sides of the legal divide, took exception and jumped into the ensuing fray, and the paper continues to "out" various heroes, citing the public's "interest" or "right to know".

It kind of snowballs from there. At the default setting of ten posts per page, the following zany hijinx ensue starting on page 87 and continuing through the present. Some folks are investigating the paper's new owner, others are trying to organize a defense for the outed heroes; several have attempted to interfere directly with the paper's actions, considering their continued exposure to be a criminal threat. Villains who enjoyed the column are using their own methods of expressing their displeasure, while others take advantage of the outings to bring the fight directly to the caped crusaders....

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