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Hello boys and girls, of all ages! Are you looking for the bizarre, the truly amazing?! Then you have come to the right place! Well? We don't got all day! Step on in, and we'll show you things beyond your wildest imagination! We do not disappoint!

Who we are

We are a bit new to the isles, but are doing our best to fit in. We've learned alot in so short a time! Like how to..oh, nevermind, you're not interested in that! We're fun loving people!

What we do

We are simple carnies, and performers! We are here to entertain, by any means necessary! We're here to run a show, no more, no less. We are here to shock and amaze! Mostly..we are here to run a buisness, and have fun doing it.

How can I get in on this?!

It's simple really! All you need to do, is find Big Rich or Ringleader Apicella! (( Usually in the pocket D. )) They're pretty easy to find! They really stand out of the crowd, even in that crazy place! Do not be afraid to approach them and ask about an opportunity in showbiz! Simply ask them for an interview, and if you meet their qualifications, welcome to the circus!

History of the Circus

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