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This article is written in the style of a documentation written by one of the members chosen to record the history of the Brotherhood. Make no mistake, everyone who is on the list at the bottom of this page is a murderer. They will do it again if neccessary for their cause and show no regret for doing so, even the heroes.

The Founding

Our glorious leader, Count Regulus Giovanni Blake, had assembled us again today to discuss the future of the Brotherhood. The topic of discussion was of course, how we would continue our work into the centuries and possibly the millenia. It was decided that we could not trust our offspirng, or theirs, due to the unpredictability of children if they are not raised properly. Therefore we have all been selected to research as much as we can on the subject of immortality. Many of our brothers have suggested the Philosopher's Stone, which was a valid suggestion. However, our leader rejected the idea because the method was not sound enough and there was no one living to date that we could question about its reliability.

The question of a symbol arose today. What would be the appropriate image that we should fix on our coat of arms? Lord Miguel De Armilo suggested the Eye of Ra, the Egyptian god. Many agreed that this was a fine suggestion because of the idea that we should be watchers of humanity, much like a divine entity. Again, the Count did not agree. He felt that religion was a means of controling people and that we should not allow ourselves to operate under the geise of such a petty thought as "faith." He told us of the All Seeing Eye, and showed us the image that was associated with the name. Many of us agreed that it had the right prescence but still. Lord Armilo questioned the Count as to his previous statement that we would be operating under the idea of a "faith." This was a valid argument and we spent many hours discussing what should be done with our name if we were to use such a symbol and not incorporate religion. We do not expect to see Lord Armilo tommorow due to this argument. I have been instructed to sign as thus,

Brother Columbine, Official Archivist of the Brotherhood

The Quest for the Fountain

We have begun our voyage to The New World, which was discovered by young Christopher Columbus. At the request of his father, John Blake, the son of our leader, went to Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand before Columbus arrived and spent some time secluded in conference with them. We assume he was successful in persuading them to agree to fund Columbus on his journey, due to recent events. This abysmal ship has carried all of our memebers from the major countries of Europe to seek the Fountain of Youth, which has been rumored to reside in the lush jungles of The New World. We intend to find it before any others, and carefully disguise it so that none may find it after us. I have just heard the sailor in the crow's nest shout "Land ho!" we shall be disembarking soon.

Brother Columbine, Official Archivist of the Brotherhood

The First Clensing

The Church

The Spear of Destiny

The Cross of Christ


Black Magic

Under the Cover of the Illuminati

The Library of the Eye

Hail, Britania

The First World War

Mother Russia

The Third Reich

In the Web of Arachnos

The Murmurs of Descent

The Rise of John Blake

The Slaughter of the Library

The Great Hunt

Venice Is Bleeding


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