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In 2004 a man had a vision. That man was Randomus and the vision was just as unconventional as his own personality - it was the City Watch. He sought out heroes who had the brazen personality to become celebrities as well as a force for good. The idea was to have reality TV series whose characters were a group of superheroes. They would serve as shining examples of justice and give hope in a city where everyday seemed to bring new disaster. He brought together a diverse and mismatched group of men and led them to become a respected and one of the most recognizable supergroups in Paragon City. The group had a successful two seasons and during that time they became close friends.

Today the men have gone their separate ways but the memory, merchandise, and royalties of The City Watch live on. Their base of operations is The Watchtower - a shining skyscraper that stand in Founder's Fall once owned by The Olympian but now in the care of The King of Spades. It is still maintained if ever the team should come together again to fight for truth, justice, and ratings. Though some heroes looked down upon the group as "glory-seekers" The City Watch has formed ties with many of Paragon's most influential groups and heroes.

Strangest of all their relations is their close ties with The Underground - a group of heroes that has shunned the limelight. Though they have a playful rivalry, they often combined forces, afterwards going off to their respective bases in the sky and beneath the ground. The scattered members of both groups still work together to this day.

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