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The Free Agents
Founder: Dervish
Side: Villains
Motto: "Actually, we're very expensive."
Leader(s): Apocalypse Drow
Logo: '
Group Colours: '
Levels: All
Play style: Alt dump with potential.
Roleplay: Heavy
Timezone(s): '
Recruiting: No
Contact: User:AlwaysAPrice

Founded by the elastic, opportunistic Dervish in 2009, The Free Agents is a small firm through which independent contractors offer their services as metahuman muscle-for-hire. Based out of a nondescript but well-furnished and high-security building known simply as "The Office" in old Haven, Cap au Diable, the Free Agents will take nearly any job for the right price.

The Free Agents are coalitioned with Parts Unknown, though Dervish herself is the only member of the Agents with access to their hideout beneath the Vagabond Hills. The two groups regularly tip each other off to promising contracts or leads on big scores to be had, and back each other up with additional muscle -- for a price, of course.

To date the Free Agents have primarily clashed with The Reciprocators, after the Dirge of Despair hired Dervish and her crew to hold captive and monitor Kitsuki Kaijuko's kidnapped daughter in 2009. Since Dervish's withdrawal from active status following an emotionally crushing defeat at the hands of her sister, Long Arm, the group's activities have mainly been coordinated by either Dirge or the mercenary Apocalypse Drow, an occasional contractor with the barest modicum of business savvy needed to keep the business afloat.

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