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The Utopians are a race of magically empowered humans who are direct descendants of the Mu civilization. When the gods Hequat and Ermeeth waged their war and the Mu nation was destroyed, a band of survivors managed to relocate to an uninhabited island located in the southern Atlantic Ocean. Using powerful magics, they were able to successfully hide themselves and their new home from discovery by their enemies.

Living in their self-imposed exile, the future Utopians continued their study and exploration of the mystic arts, while also focusing on building a civilization of peace, equality and personal achievement. Art, music, and culture thrived on Utopia, as it came to be called, as did advances in the fields of science and technology. By the latter half of the 20th century, the nation of Utopia was considered the most technologically advanced society on Earth.

The Utopians have maintained a strict practice of avoiding contact with what they call “Man’s World”, seeing their human cousins as wholly primitive and warlike. Indeed, in the past human pirates and slavers, who discovered Utopias' existence by accident, attempted to exploit it and it’s inhabitants, thus prompting the Utopians to also practice and study warfare, so as to protect their homeland.

Utopia was spared from attacks by the Rikti during the first invasion, thanks to its protective magical veil hiding it from the outside world. But five years later, the Rikti had returned, and had gained a better understanding of magic in the process. For the first time in thousands of years, the veil around Utopia was pierced by an invading force as the Rikti attacked paradise.

The Utopians managed to beat back the invaders, but now realized that their peaceful civilization, and indeed the entire world, was in danger. Steps needed to be taken immediately.

King Cepheus, the ruler of Utopia, together with his advisory council, decided to dispatch envoys to the various nations of Man’s World to observe them, report on their development, and determine whether or not to make contact with the outside world. Timandra, the King's daughter, volunteered to go to the United States of America, where she both observes and fights alongside Earth's heroes as the heroine, Lady Utopia.

Thanks to their mixture of genetics and magical influence, Utopians possess certain traits unique to their race. On average, Utopians are fitter and better developed, both mentally and physically, then humans. They also have the advantage of a greatly extended lifespan and a strong resistance to disease and poisons,

All Utopians have the potential to wield powerful magic, and many spend centuries studying the arcane arts. Others, however, pursue other interests, such as art, music, literature, and theater. Many Utopians in recent years have also become students and practitioners in the art of warfare. Utopian soldiers are considered some of the most skilled melee combatants on Earth.

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