Cenobite Kalvis

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Cenobite Kalvis
Cenobite Kalvis
Player: @TheMadGent
Origin: Tech
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 20
Personal Data
Real Name: Kalvis
Known Aliases: None
Species: Enhanced Human
Age: 233
Height: 8' 02''
Weight: 368 lbs
Eye Color: None
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: Extradimensional
Occupation: Ambassador
Place of Birth: The Towers of Meditation,

Dimension Phi Mu 9-3

Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Asexual
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Enhanced Body
Embrace Unity!



The Towers of Meditation

Cenobite Kalvis hails from Dimension Phi Mu 9-3, which its denizens call The Halls of Meditation. The dimension is a single massive city of gleaming spires and vast chambers of polished metal, a place of harmony and great spiritual learning. The Halls are a parallel dimension to Primal Earth, diverging roughly 1700 years ago with the arrival of an advanced interdimensional race of humans who had genetically and cybernetically augmented themselves far beyond the abilities of normal humans. The people of Phi Mu 9-3 were absorbed by the travelers, who called themselves The Servants. Because the great benefits and advances brought by The Servants, and their vastly superior technology, the original denizens of the dimension put up little effective resistance. Over the centuries, the dimension was meticulously smoothed over and coated with shining metal, creating the nigh-utopia that it is today. Likewise, the inhabitants of the dimension were remade, given metallic bodies that felt no pain or hunger.

Ambassador to Earth

Kalvis himself is a Cenobite, a rather low ranking in the pseudo-religious hierarchy of the Servants. He has spent the last two centuries of his life contemplating the mysteries of the multiverse while undergoing rigorous meditation to unlock his inner potential. Eventually, he was tasked with the honor and position of Ambassador, and sent to the recently discovered dimension of Primal Earth to observe and evaluate the world. He arrived at the Portal Corporation facility in Peregrine Island, where he was immediately apprehended by several heroes. After determining his relatively benign intentions, the Paragonian Government recognized his ambassadorial status, and allowed him to observe the goings-on of the city.

Call of Justice

Powers, Abilities, and Equipment


"Logos" is the catch-all term for the psychic powers used by the servants. Meaning "Word", "Reason", or "Truth", Logos is a sort of psychic programming language, using ordered thoughts and operations to affect one's own body and mind, the physical world, and the minds of others. Through decades of meditation, Kalvis has developed the mental discipline to become proficient with Logos. He has learned four of the six schools, or "mysteries", of Logos.


Adonai, the mystery of dominance, is Kalvis greatest specialty. Adonai is used to affect the minds of others, whether by reading surface thoughts and emotions, altering memories, or overwhelming the mind with psychic force.

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