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Player: @hydrothermia
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Charles Stevenson
Known Aliases: Check
Species: Homo sapiens
Age: 30
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 232 (205)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Light Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: US Citizen
Occupation: Police Officer/Licensed Hero
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Mary Ann Stevenson (wife), Jessica Stevenson (daughter)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Ice Control, Kinetics
Cybernetic hands and forearms




Stan Walker - Pending storyline.


Hellcat Jones - Crushed both of his arms ending his career as a police officer. Bent on putting him behind bars for his illegal arms deals and the assault of an officer.


Paragon Police Department - He was allowed back on the force as a specialized unit, much like Blue Steel.

Super Group: None

Formerly of Paragonian Knights - Honor Battalion.


A loving husband and father, but can have a volatile temper when out in the field or things that he can't control. Mary Ann struggles to keep a normal atmosphere for their 8 year-old daughter, because of the occasional outbursts Charles vents when talking about work to her.

Character History

1977 - 1999

Charles Mark Stevenson was born in 1977 in Paragon City, RI to Mark and June Stevenson. Charles lead a normal life for a kid from Paragon City. He idolized the many super heroes that patrolled his neighborhood in King's Row. Knowing he didn't have any special ability he still wanted to be able to help people out like his local heroes. He joined the Explorer post that involved the local PD precinct at the age of 12. After he graduated high school he began police training to eventually join the Paragon Police Dept. in 1997. Less than a year later he marries Mary Ann Thomlin and they later have a child in 1999 and name her Jessica Marie Stevenson.

Power Station, 2000

It was a relatively slow night, until there was word of an arms deal taking place on Charles patrol route. He goes to investigate, blocking off a 1949 flat black Mercury, to see the suspect coming out of the building. A tower of a man over seven feet tall and pure muscle sees that his car has been blocked off by Charles makes a run for it.

"I'm in pursuit. Can you give me an I.D. on this person, he's HUGE." About thirty seconds pass when the radio crackles with the dispatches voice,"The suspect is known as Marcus Maxwell Jones, he's also known as Hellcat Jones. There is a warrant for his arrest." Charles chases Jones into a close by nuclear power station. This is where everything went wrong.

Charles sees Jones get electrocuted thinking there is no way to have survived it. Jones got knocked out by it for only a few seconds, by the time Charles checked on Jones' status, Jones grabs him by the arms not knowing his own strength crushed both his forearms in the struggle. Jones escapes and Charles is bleeding badly from the injury, assuming that he would die from blood loss he finds an electrified source to cauterize the wounds. Once the EMT's comes and he gets to the hospital there is no way to save his arms so they have to be amputated. After that day Charles knew his most important mission was to find Marcus Jones and put him behind bars one way or another.

Help Wanted, 2002

Thankfully Charles didn't lose his life this night, but at the expense of three scars across his left eye. Stan Walker could have easily killed him. The uncertainty of his future were looking grim, but the local didn't want him to fall by the way side since he spent so much time becoming a police officer to be wasted. So they all pooled a large sum of money together to help support him and his family. With the help he received he was determined to return to the police at some point in the future. Not wanting to place alarm in Mary Ann he went to go find fellow police officer Stan Walker to help him research what highly advanced cybernetic replacements could do for him. Initially Stan didn't want to have anything to do with Charles since he knows nothing about cybernetics and from his past experience.

Hey, are you Stan Walker?"

"Yeah, who wants to know?"

"Okay, my name is Charles Stevenson. I'm from the 18th precinct in Kings Row. Well formally from the PPD. If I go back with the existing cybernetic arms I'll have a desk job at the station for the rest of my life."

"How is that a bad thing? Ya got your job security and your wife doesn't have to worry about you being injured or killed on the field. Again...and I'm sorry fer yer loss. I hear about what happened"

"Look, I'm only asking because you're also a police officer that doubles as a hero."

"First off I aint no hero, second gimme a reason why I oughta help ya?"

"What? You're kidding me right?"

"I know more things than you'd ever wanna know kid."

"What the hell man, do have any idea what I've been through?" Charles punches the table with his steel skeletal fists. (This is Charles first sign of volatility after the accident.)

"Watch it. I'm in no mood ta deal with a civvie."

"I'm not a damn civilian!" shouting at Stan.

Charles kept on pushing the issue with Stan.

Work in Progress.

Outbreak, 2003

One night he took the privilege going to Outbreak to test out his newly constructed cybernetic arms. To his surprise he was able to harness the power of gravity to a certain degree and siphon various effects from opponents. After making this discovery he officially applied for a Super Hero License and finally became what he had always dreamed about as a child.

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Creator Notes and Trivia

I wanted to create a Grav/Kin controller that had something to do with a police dept. He was re-rolled into a Kin/Ice defender because of the lack of enthusiasm playing the original version. Since Speed Trap had already been taken I tried Checkpoint and got it. Later I learn the name was originally owned by Charon as an Elec/Elec Super Speed Brute, but he could never find a good idea for him. In honor of that fact I have chosen the name Charles Stevenson as his real, which was Checkpoint's first real name.

This character has become a collaborative effort with TheImperial's villain Hellcat Jones with Checkpoint as his nemesis. My personal first endeavor in a characters history that involves more than the basic backgrounds in the CoX universe.

Costume Attire

The costume sets.
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