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Chess Queen is an original character created by Jynx_Lucky_J (aka JynxLuckyJ). She was originally created as the Arch-Nemesis for Gear Head another original chracter created for a Pen and Paper Role-playing Game called Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Edition. She was designed to be Gear Head's mental equal. One of the few capable of challenging him in a game of wits.

Chess Queen's creator is an avid roleplayer, and is always up for a round of in-character interaction as long as he does not have a prior commitment.

Chess Queen
Player: @JynxLuckyJ
Origin: Technology/Natural
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 14
Personal Data
Real Name: Emily Bridges
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 16
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 109lb
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: High school Student
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Dating
Known Relatives: Maxwell Bridges (Father)
Known Powers
Super Intelligence, Tactical Genius, Teleportation
Known Abilities
Robotics, Leadership, Academics
Pulse Rifle, Blitz Device (teleporter)








As Emily, most people see her to be your typical nerd girl. Seemingly very shy and quite, the truth is she sees many of those around her to be beneath her. She is incredibly intelligent, but often finds herself underestimated simply because she's a girl. So frustrated has she become with the attitudes of others towards her gender, that she has adapted a somewhat feministic attitude. The one thing she can’t stand is to be looked down upon, followed shortly be losing; though the second comes up much less often.

Her family is very well off, and she has lived a very privileged life style. Her father is a partner of one of the world’s largest investment firms, who makes up for his absence by buying Emily anything she could possibly want. Her mother died when she was very young, and her father never remarried, leaving her without a strong female influence on her life. In the absence of a parental presence, she has instead formed a bond with the family maid, whom she often seeks for general advise about life.



Chess Queen has a genius level intellect. While she is extremely knowledgeable in many fields there are two that stand out far above the rest. The first is the field of applied robotics. She uses the majority of her ill –gotten gains to construct a series of highly advance robots, which she names after chess pieces. As skilled as she is in the field of robotics, even that pales next to her talent in strategy and tactics. From a very early age she has dominated games of strategy, such as chess. Such is her ability to predict the actions of her opponents and formulate an appropriate counter, that some wrongly believe her to be psychic or precognitive. She prefers to rely upon robotic troops for her strategy, so that she can completely control their every action, human troops have the ability to disobey orders and take action of their own, thus sending her carefully laid plans awry.


Few of the devices Chess Queen uses, beside her robots, are created solely by her. Most are stolen technology that she alters for her own purpose. One such item was the Blitz Device. This energy projector creates a field of power that shifts its user into a fold in space, allowing them to instantly move from one place to another across great distances. It was first developed during the Cold, the blitz device was meant to rapidly ferry troops in the event of a war. However, the device never functioned properly. Machines and material sent through it came out on the other end warped, twisted, and melted. In the aftermath of the Soviet Union’s collapse, many experimental technologies were decommissioned. Such was the fate of the blitz device... until Chess Queens discovered the experimental device during a raid on an abandoned government research facility. Unable to solve the flaws in the critical flaw in the design herself, she subtly grilled her genius boyfriend, Jerrick Jadar, for his theories regarding teleportation. Togather they were able to draw up a theoretical blueprint. After making the adjustments to the blitz device it worked amazingly. She can use the device to teleport herself or any troops anywhere within sight range. Further teleports require precise coordinates, less the subjects arrive within a solid object, these coordinates can be acquired by scouting the area.

Robotic Court

As a queen, the Chess Queen needs appropriate followers. To this end she has constructed four distinct series of robots. It is not unknown for her to make minor alterations to individual robots, and she is also know to regularly upgrade each series.

Pawns: The pawn is the only mass produced unit, every other is individually crafted personally by Chess Queen. They serve as her basic assault unit. As the weakest of her robotic court they are most often deployed in great number. Most are equipped with a basic laser rifle, though new models also have a laser canon mounted as well.

Rook: Rooks are a primarily defensive unit, capable of generating powerful force fields. There are used both to prevent the loss of other units as well as bodyguards. While not equipped with any actual weapons, the rooks have been observed to used their force field to crush enemies against other objects.

Bishop: The primary purpose of the bishop is that of repair. Though they typically focus on the repair of other robotic units, they have also been programmed with expert knowledge of a great many medical procedures as well. They are also in charge on the construction of new pawns. Each is equipped with A full set of mechanical and surgical tools, as well as a cloud of nanobots which enable them the quickly perform any repairs or medical procedures needed. While equipped with the same laser rifles and canons found on the pawns, their most frightening ability is their ability to use their nanobot swarm to tear apart a subject from the inside.

Knight: This is the heavy assault unit of Chess Queen’s court. Their Impervium casing allows them to shake off attacks of the heaviest power. They carry a vast array of heavy weaponry, from cannons, to RPGs, to stinger missiles. Plus any new weaponry Chess queen decides to try out. Thankfully do to the cost of construction these monstrosities are much fewer in number than the previous members of Chess Queen’s court. Though they are also the most individually customized unit, so one never knows exactly what to expect when facing a knight.

Queen: In chess the most powerful piece is the queen. Obviously this role is saved for the Chess Queen herself. Long has she wondered why the game of chess places so much emphasis on a piece as weak as the King. Obviously it is the Queen that should rule.

King: In the early days Chess Queen saw no place for a king in her court. That changed when she met Jerrick Jadar, as Emily Bridges. Now she understands how a weak piece can still be important, and it is because it is important, yet weak that it must be protected. For now, Chess queen finds the best way to protect the King is to keep it off the board. In fact it’s best if he is not even aware that the game exists.

Character History

Born a Princess

A Woman Scorned

Wrath of the Chess Queen

A King is Found

Curse you Gear – Head!

Asset or Liability?

Random Trivia, OOC Info, and More

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