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Player: @ChIoro
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Dominator
Security Level: -
Personal Data
Real Name: Chance Sevastian Forrest
Known Aliases: Plantman
Species: Homo Superior (Mutant)
Age: 22
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 155 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue.
Hair Color: Dark green, formerly brown.
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian.
Occupation: Adventurer, activist. Former environmental terrorist.
Place of Birth: Sarnia, Ontario.
Base of Operations: Paragon City.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Helen Forrest (mother), Dmitri Vyacheslav Markov (estranged father, terrorist).
Known Powers
Chlorokinesis, Xylokinesis, Plant anatomy, Life-force emanation, Empathy, Bioconversion, Floral networking, physiological attributes, etc.
Known Abilities
Knowledge of plant sciences, decent hand-to-hand combatant, flute player.



Current Events


Powers and Abilities


Chance possesses powerful chlorokinetic abilities that stem from the complex properties of his innate ability to communicate with plantae on both an empathic and esoteric level. As the main condition of his mutation, his psyche and body passively project bio energy, utilized through a near-undetectable and extendable aura known as the "life force aura" that bonds his own life force, emotions and awareness with the vegetation around his proximity through waves of this bio energy. This enables him to literally perceive the life force, physical and emotional pain of plant life and vice-versa. This field is capable of expanding across an entire town with great effort, though the exact limit has never been pushed. He has been known to communicate with specific plantae across distances cross-country, though this requires great effort. The phenomenon of animating flora is usually dependant on a counteractive basis, meaning the behavior of plantae within the aura is remotely linked to Chance's emotions and life force, becoming hostile and protective through the experience of aggressive emotions and/or fear through sensing one another's current condition and reacting accordingly.

Through "siphoning" life force between each other, Chance is able to stimulate the animation, rapid growth and health of plant life. On the other hand, Chance is able to utilize the life force of surrounding flora in order to acquire a rapid regeneration rate or the sustainment of his life. Another uncommon use utilizing the bio energy is his ability to alter the genetic properties of a plant, resulting in the creation of new species of plants, hybrids and or sporadic transformation from one species to another within the same class. The full extent of this ability is unknown. In essence, his abilities do not rely on the ability to forcefully control flora, but rather to communicate with flora through mutual understanding and respect. This attribute alone renders the bond virtually unseperatable and makes Chance one of the most powerful, if not the most potentially powerful chlorokinetics to ever walk the northern hemisphere - none have proven able to best his level of control. The extent of his mutation remains unclear. Due to his mutation rapidly evolving, his appearance has been greatly altered compared with his childhood physical attributes. If not for the fact that he is unable to obtain a normal appearance, Chance would easily register as an official Omega-level class mutant, as the magnitude of his abilities suggest such.

List of Effects

Anatomical Properties

The following lists the various physical aspects regarding Chloro's mutation.


Understanding of Plant Sciences

Chloro possesses extensive information of plant sciences due to the nature of his mutation, through receiving information esoterically and empathically. Over time, he has learned how to utilize this granted information and apply it through a scientific basis of knowledge. This specific information is stored within a greater capacity of his brain activity that exceeds the 10% expectancy. It is not uncommon for him to use the power of natural hallucinogens and other substances against enemies during combat.


While not expertly trained in any form of established martial art, Chloro has developed his own style of street fighting and acrobatics through years of conflict, even at an early age. He commonly incorporates his thorn extractions through his technique of self-defense and uses them as trusting weapons. His anatomy is easily kept within a healthy and fit condition, allowing him to use his natural-born agility to great effect. Chloro is able to hold his own against the common foe, albeit he may be easily overpowered from someone more accurately trained.


A little known fact about Chloro is his love and ability to play the basic modern flute at a nearly-intermediate level.

Notable Allies and Enemies




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