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Soldier's of Arachnos Speech

Soldiers of Arachnos, leaders of our great army, it is a pleasure to see all of you here today. Today is a very special occasion; this gathering of those loyal to the vision of our Lord Recluse is the first of the new United Arachnos Initiative. A new mission set before us, to test our resolve and our loyalty to our ideals of a new world. A world where the strong reserve their rightful place in the hierarchy of mankind. All of those gathered here are a testament to the Arachnos ideal, the struggle towards perfection that has allowed you to gain your rank and office. I am humbled by the opportunity to lead you: the elite, in the name of Arachnos and our great nation.

Arachnos: some would label us villains, fascists, but we are the only thing that keeps these islands from slipping into chaos! We have brought safety and order to the citizens of Etoile, a place where before no nation held sway! Where criminals and the refuse of society blossomed and were held to no law. With nothing more than sheer will –we- have brought the law of Arachnos to –them-!

We have accomplished much. Though... we allow our enemies to spread into our territories like a cancer? We struggle against each other as much as our -true- enemies. I am here today to tell you that is –not- the ideal we have struggled and fought for! Lord Recluse has seen this weakness and appointed me the task of strengthening our organization, of cutting out the cancer that has made us weak!

Not a few weeks ago I demonstrated my resolve. The leader of the Espionage division, the reputed general under Ghost Widow, was put to death by Unit 731. Working alongside the loyal agents of Cardinal Bishop the new leader of the AED. His crimes… innumerable, working alongside the heroes of paragon, of leaking information to the Longbow organization! That such a high ranking member of Arachnos was a traitor disgusts me and only emphasizes the need for change. His head now decorates Ghost Widow’s tower, to remind us all the penalty of disloyalty. Too long have we fought amongst ourselves for mere scraps of power or authority, wealth or fame. That time is at an end, and the time of Unification is at hand! We will stand as one before our enemies and strike them down with numbers and a fury that has never before been witnessed. This I promise you.

But who is our enemy? Those that would enforce their morals and will upon us, in the name of their so called justice. Longbow, Wyvern, and the Allies of the Statesman. These "heroic" aggressors are nothing but invaders, forcing their will upon the citizens of our great nation! This has brought us to the hour when it is necessary for us to counter the plot of these so called "Heroes". Today as of this moment, divisions of the army of Arachnos are being deployed to solidify our sovereignty. Cells of foreign spies and seditionaries are being seized, Longbow bases are being raided, all of the heroes in captivity have been put to death and will continue to die in the streets. No mercy nor quarter will be given to those that would deny us our rightful place in the Rogue Isles!

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