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Archetype Origin Level Primary Power Secondary Power Height Weight Hair Eyes
Defender Natural (Spiritual) 40 Kinetics Archery 5'10" 153 lbs Brown (dyed Blond) None
Skills: Extensive knowledge in extreme sports, bungee jumping, hang gliding, BASE jumping, rock climbing. Basic skills with and knowledge of archery.
Basic knowledge of Taoism, Tantra, and various spiritual paths and traditions of Asia.
Basic Information
The Daring Death Defying Colton Beck1.png

Name: Colton Beck
Alias: None
Gender: Male
D.O.B.: July 20th, 1988
Height: 5'10
Weight: 153 lbs
Place of Birth: San Francisco, CA

Current Status

Occupation: Urban Adventurer
Legal Status: United States Citizen, previously on parole, with criminal record
Identity: Publicly Known
Location: Paragon City, Rhode Island, USA
Affiliations: The Zenvious Foundation


Colton is extremely extroverted, an intense Choleric personality type showing an extreme willingness to lead people and address problems without delay. He isn't a deep thinker or philosophical by nature, and tends to think in very basic and real terms. As a young man still maturing and growing into himself he has more flaws than virtues, his most serious being a tendency to flirt heavily.


During the economic recession of the 80's Johnathan Beck and Elizabeth Call rose to fame as super villains on the western coast of the United States. Beck and Call eventually rose to fame on the international circuit for villainy, only to be defeated on the eve of their final heist and murdered in cold blood. An operation by the CIA in 1988, masquerading as a crime fighters vigilante actions, brought their criminal activities to an end and orphaned their only son. During the confrontation Colton lost his eyes to a trick arrow meant for his parents, causing irreparable damage to his eyes and severe neurological damage which would make it all but impossible to see again. This was the beginning of Colton's problem childhood.

Colton spent much of his young life going from foster home to foster home, bad circumstance and the reputation of his parents causing most families to fray at the edges until eventually breaking and sending him on to the next home to be wrecked. This cycle repeated for well over fourteen years, until Colton worked up the nerve to strike out on his own and escape a system that was very much working against him.


Colton's initial acid trip at the age of fifteen brought him as close as his mother had been during her pregnancy to enlightenment, and the after-effects of both experiences have left a mark on him. His first brush with karmic perfection gave him what luck he has, influencing the fortunes of those around him in a myriad of ways depending on his emotional state and amount of focus. Though not a supernatural or magical effect by any means, sheer chance favors Colton in firefights and other life-and-death situations. The second time he approached Nirvana he expended his mind exponentially, granting him the ability to know his surroundings better than if he could see. Though his power is in its' infancy and his understanding of it almost nonexistent, he has made great leaps and bounds since encountering more and more unique people and experiencing new sensations with it.

From a mechanical standpoint, Colton has no super powers. He does not have the benefit of scientific experimentation which created Synapse. He does not have the mutation which Sister Psyche was born with. He does not practice any form of magic as Infernal, nor does he have any magical properties as War Witch. He does not use any advanced technology as Positron does. He has no intense conditioning or training as Manticore. Science, Mutation, Magic, Technology, and Natural are not labels that fit for the power he has, as the Origin of Power arc alludes to origins long gone from the modern world. Colton could very well be considered one of the last of the Spiritual origin.

Friends & Enemies

♐ A few contacts, including the teacher that initially taught him archery, still reside in California and are close friends of Colton's.
♐ Failing apartment hunting alone, Colton eventually found a roommate to share rent with and moved into a small apartment in King's Row with him. His name is Edwin DeWhitt.
♐ Colton gets along far, far too well with Bazza.
♐ An unnamed and currently unknown member of the CIA has, for the past twenty years, taken a great interest in Colton's development. To anyone with access to sensitive government documents and databases, Colton is the center of a small CIA operation, specifically aimed at containing the aftermath of the wetwork operation centered around his parents.
♐ As the son of super villains Colton has a list of people who would wish him great harm, seeing little reason to believe that he could turn out differently than his parents had.

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