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Simon Sirius is the arch-nemesis of the Combat Clown. While he doesn't have his own character in City of Heroes, he is always behind the scenes in Combat's life, subtly affecting the events that he goes through, waiting for his moment to strike.

This is the story of his fall from grace. As we begin our story, Sirius has been instated as the Longbow Chief of Special Operations. Sirius got to this position through lying, decieving, and ultimately betraying the country he swore to protect. Constantly positioning and plotting things for his eventual take-over, things seem to be running smoothly until a certain clown enters his life...


Chapter One: The Personal Log of Simon Sirius

Log Entry: 30-4-08 19:30hr

There is a clown at our doorstep. A few weeks after becoming Chief of Longbow Special Operations, and I already have to deal with my first nutcase. This clown has been throwing rocks at the Freedom Corps building on a daily basis now. I would usually disregard such matters, but this clown seems to know too much. He targets Longbow offices specifically, and refers to us as "liars and cheats". There is only one man who could ever accuse me and my peers but that man is dead. This clown will be dealt with swiftly.

Log Entry: 2-5-08 11:30hr

Met with the Security Chief over in Galaxy City. I have informed him that special Longbow details will continue to be stationed around the perimeter on a daily basis, much to his approval.

Log Entry: 2-5-08 23:48hr

Rendezvous with Etoile Islands contact, "Agent S". S confirmed new Longbow Eagles shall be coded with override procedures that will allow me to disable them if they get too close to my covert operations.

Log Entry: 9-5-08 05:30hr

Congressman Eckley has agreed to pass the bill for a larger budget for the Longbow Spec Ops unit. His family shall be released from captivity, but will be monitored closely should Eckley try to blow the whistle.

Log Entry: 15-9-08 14:15hr

Agents stationed in Kings Row confirm another clown sighting. They say the clown has training, and carries firearms similar to Longbow Spec Ops forces. He evaded capture and interrogation using devices of extremely well made technology. This does not bode well for my operations. My agents claimed he was a Paragon City registered hero. I will have a cipher cross-reference recent hero registrants with military training operating under the guise of a clown. The information will be on my desk later tonight.

Log Entry: 15-9-08 21:28hr

Search results are back. Registered early this May, an individual calling himself The Combat Clown. He has shown to be proficient with firearms, has anti-terrorist training, and is a gadgeteer of high-aptitude. Subject is clearly mentally unbalanced, but passed the psychiatric evaluation and was allowed to register as a Hero. Subject did not give a name, but his "tale of the tape" confirms my suspicions. Combat Clown must be Christopher Conners, the Longbow traitor. He can not be allowed to operate with such free reign, with the intel he has on us. Contingency plan: Alpha Kilo Theta has gone into effect. The Combat Clown must be framed, revealed as a traitor to his nation, and placed under arrest in Ziggursky Penitentiary. My contacts within the Zig will take care of matters from there.

Log Entry: 28-5-08 18:30hr

Our back-from-the-dead "friend" has given us a window of opportunity. Earlier today the unbalanced Combat Clown attacked an office building in the Steel Canyon neighborhood. While the public believes the office's business to be legit, records show the building belonged to an agency targeting metahumans, including an associate of our Mr. Conners. (See file: Xiao, Lian) The city has immediately suspended his hero license, and he is now a fugitive from the law. Agents will feed the media information concerning Christopher Conners' involvment with dealing national secrets to rogue mercenaries, and Arachnos forces, just in time for the eleven o'clock news. I could not have planned this frame job better myself.

Log Entry: 1-6-08 10:56hr

Christopher Conners has been detained. "Agent P" will assasinate him in the mess hall, after inciting a prison riot. I can now continue with Operation: Silent Judas.

Log Entry: 3-6-08 04:30hr

Agent P is dead. The fool is lucky our friend Mr. Conners got to him first. Christopher escaped the Zig, after a member of the Freakshow gang caused a power outage. This is unacceptable. Operation: Silent Judas can not proceed if loose ends are not tied. All Longbow agents are to kill Chris Conners on sight.

Log Entry: 4-6-08 06:24hr

Contingency plan: Gamma Bet Phi has been set into motion. That bastard Conners pirated a television broadcast this morning. Seems Conners isn't as insane as we thought. He had been gathering counter intelligence this entire time. He has exposed me, Agent S, and my right hand, Agent R for the deeds we have done. My office is already ablaze with phone calls from the media, and the Freedom Corps higher-ups. There are too many loose ends, I have too much invested in this. Agent S has been tasked to take down Christopher Conners by any means necessary.

Log Entry: 4-6-08 11:30hr

Shoot-out in my office today. A squad of my own men was tasked to apprehend me and take me in for questioning. Fools. Who did they think trained them? There's no turning back now, Operation: Silent Judas has to be scrapped. Damn you, Conners. Once you are dead, I'll disappear again, and work my mercenary angles again. Forced back into grunt work. Hopefully, Agent S has taken out Conners, perhaps the situation is salvageable. We could play the Conners was crazy angle. Maybe someone will buy it.

Log Entry: 4-6-08 16:21hr

On the run. Heading towards safe house in Skyway City. I've been informed that Agent S is dead. Svensen would've never made it once Operation: Silent Judas took place, perhaps his premature death is for the better. Agent R will have Conners corraled in Perez Park. Once he disposes of him, we'll flee the country. Perhaps, we can revive Silent Judas in Europe, or in Russia? New identities and aliases are going to have to be created.

Log Entry: 4-6-08 19:55hr

-Of all the incompetence. Agent R has been apprehended. It seems Conners critically injured him, and the local authorities took him into custody. Damn you, Reynolds. You were my best. It matters not now. I'm out of options. I have to confront Conners myself. Even if I do get apprehended, I can plead immunity, for I know many of this nations dirty little secrets now. I'll talk myself into a minor sentence, and walk away scot-free. Conners can't stop me. No one can stop me. I'll overcome this.

Chapter Two: An Article From The Paragon Times

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Chapter Three: From The Desk of Simon Sirius

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Chapter Four: Target Surveillance

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