Comrade Red Star

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In Soviet Russia, armor wears You!

A Cold War Relic
Comrade Red Star
Player: @Angel Silhouette
Origin: Technology/Genetic Manipulation
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 36
Personal Data
Real Name: Stárshiy Leytenánt Aleksandr Sidorov
Known Aliases: Aleksi, Redstar, Ivan, Boris
Species: Genetically Modified Human
Age: 24
Height: 7'3"
Weight: 365lbs
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Soviet Union
Occupation: Revolutionary, former soldier
Place of Birth: Moscow
Base of Operations: Etoile Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: The data regarding his genetic donors has been lost, it is unknown if any other soldiers were created using the same genetic material
Known Powers
Enhanced physical prowess
Red Stars Energy Wings.jpg
Powered Combat CBR Hardsuit, CBR med kit, Energy Wings
Known Abilities
Demolitions, marksmanship, field mechanics, field medicine



The Workers' and Peasants' Red Army

Ranked Stárshiy Leytenánt in the Soviet Army, Sidorov was to be the hero of the people and the commanding officer of a new breed of soldier who would march communism across the globe with a titanium shod boot. He was the product of generations of genetic and radiological research to create a super soldier engineered specifically for radioactive warfare.


Aleksandr is a very personable fellow, very ready to help anyone in need, however his goals and ideals have put him on the wrong side of the law. He is a true champion of the proletariat, brainwashed by his creators to wave the banner of the Soviet Union and further the goals of the conservative Soviet politicians.
He considers himself a hero, but realizes that he is viewed as a villain. He dislikes working with the others he has been lumped in with; but many times he either feels he has no choice, or it is the most efficient way to further his goals.

Comrade Red Star's Powered Combat CBR Hardsuit

Aleksandr wears a suit of powered combat armor specially designed for him by the scientists that assisted in his own creation. The suit was experimental and never meant to see combat in its current state; the offensive systems were complete, but the armor plating was not sufficient for extended field warfare. The shell, itself, could deflect incoming projectiles energy and cutting implements; but there was no impact protection for the soldier within. Bullets will ricochet right off of the titano-ceramic carapace, but part of their kinetic energy will carry through to the wearer. Likewise, the armor will absorb and dissipate energy directed at it, but a small part of the dissipation will carry through to the inside of the suit; often burning the wearer.

Focused Radiation Projection

Diffused Radiation Emissions

The proton accelerators in the suit's gauntlets are able to generate diffused radiological bursts capable of temporarily accelerating the metabolisms of the user and anyone in the immediate vicinity, generating a field that stimulates a rush of endorphins to trick the body into believing that it is less injured than it actually is, and even revive an unconscious comrade.


In the unlikely event that the gauntlets build up too much heat, cool air that is already vented into the chest and back of the armor to keep the wearer comfortable will be diverted to the gauntlets to force the heated, sometimes radioactive, gasses from the interior of the accelerators and out of the vents in the gauntlets. This has not happened yet, but with continued use and inadequate maintenance, the likelihood of this event rises.

Rocket Boots

The boots of the CBR Hardsuit contain another marvel of micro-engineering. Two small fission fragmentation rockets, using simple carbon rods as a fuel source, are built into the calf of each boot; providing enough thrust to not only get the suit and its occupant off the ground, but push them through the air for rapid travel.
Originally intended for high altitude drop assaults and short range air strikes, Aleksandr now uses it as his primary mode of transportation; though he does give them a rest while traveling between the islands by taking the Ferry.

Energy Wings

Through a network of ex-Soviet contacts, Aleksandr has obtained a pair of ultralight wings made up of a titano-ceramic skeleton held together by electromagnetic fields generated by the skeleton, itself. Between the ribs of the wings, a dual energy field is projected and held in place by the Tesla fields, concentrating them into a nearly tangible membrane.
While unable to lift him off the ground on their own, they work in conjunction with his Rocket Boots to keep him airborne with less strain on the individual systems. Flying becomes effortless as his boots are only used for forward thrust once he has reached horizontal movement, hovering has been made easier on the systems as the wings are able to flap and generate a downward pressure to help keep him aloft.

Enhanced Physical Prowess

Aleksandr has been genetically engineered to be superior to a normal human in as many ways as possible. He is physically larger, stronger and can run faster than any professional athlete. A higher level of stamina and endurance had also been engineered into him but, because of the nature of his suspended animation and subsequent improper thaw, his body is injured and recovering slowly.

Spetznaz Training

Aleksandr's military training began in his pre-teen years. Initially trained in soldiering by the Soviet Army, he was placed into Spetznaz training by seventeen in a push to make him the perfect soldier. Along with combat, tactical and CBR training, he has been schooled in field repair and field medicine.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Aleksandr's understanding of his armor is limited to basic field repair. Until he finds someone to compensate for his ignorance, the armor will degrade into a non-functional state.
Outside of his armor, while superior to normal humans, Aleksandr is still very vulnerable to conventional weaponry.

Character History

Comrade Red Star was to be the pride of the Soviet war machine. The first of a new wave of soldiers, encased in CBR hardsuits that allowed them to focus and control radiation emissions for both offensive and defensive purposes. Inside of the suits were a new breed of front line infantry; genetically engineered both physical superiority and resistance to chemical, biological and radiological exposure. The future of warfare would change forever; mutually assured destruction would no longer stymie the Soviets' nuclear superiority. Then the unthinkable happened: Glasnost and Perestroika, the fads of the new Gorbachev regime took hold and the iron curtain collapsed like the house of cards it truly was. Anticipating an overthrow of the new leader and a resurgence of the conservative Communism, Red Star and his armor were mothballed; put into cold suspension. Eventually the machinery that kept him frozen, like Communism, sputtered and clanked to a stop; releasing him into a strange world he had never been prepared for. The underground facility he had called home for his entire life had not only been abandoned but it had also been built over.

After using his suit's weaponry to carve an exit into the basement of what turned out to be another abandoned building, he emerged into what could only have been a nightmare. Capitalism and bourgeoisie had taken over his beloved Motherland and turned it into an American hell. He wanted to scream, to smash the capitalism out of his home; but he knew that bringing harm to his Motherland was not the answer, even if she had turned traitor.

He wandered the streets for several days, returning to his cot at the facility at night to sleep. Eventually he realized that to strike at the heart of capitalism was the answer; to bring down the bourgeois American empire from the inside. He would hit them where they felt the most pain, in their pocketbooks. If he could destroy the source of their plentiful wealth, he could sow the seeds of Marxism and bring about a second October Revolution.

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