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The Business

Reason for Business

Copious Resources Incorporated is a group of collectors and sellers who are trying to lower the high prices of bids and purchases at Wentworths. This shall be achieved through the members of the company obtaining and selling Salvage and Recipes for Enhancements at lower prices than the current levels.


CPI was started by a humble IT professional and part-time Hero, Matthew Thomas A.K.A. Bulletproof Slicer. The business, though it is currently quite small, has a decent office of operations and is filled with books and data on the current trends of the Market of Paragon City. It has been rumored that CPI may open a branch in the Rogue Isles.

Work In Progress

CPI is funded and provided for by Matt himself currently until he finds like minded people to work along side him in his endeavors to make materials available to a larger group of heroes and businessmen. Currently, the member-list stands at 1. As more people join, the story of and the abilities of CPI will grow!

Looking for Work?

CPI is Hiring! The business is always looking for intelligent, helpful, confident workers who don't mind getting their hands dirty to make life easier for others. A little sweat never hurt anybody! To apply for a position, place your information in the 'discussion' tab and a high-ranking member will make sure to fill you in on current events and hire you upon an interview!

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