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Corporate Coffee portrait.jpg
Corporate Coffee
Player: @Dust Mite
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 43
Personal Data
Real Name: unknown
Known Aliases: none
Species: human
Age: early 30s
Height: 5' 11''
Weight: 142
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: CEO for coffee chain empire
Place of Birth: New England area
Base of Operations: inapplicable
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
dark magiks
Known Abilities
great genius, technical knowhow
poison dart wrist launchers, gas emitters, techno-monocle
Corporate Coffee is a notorious villain, but heroes should watch out for his zombie henchmen just as much as the man himself.

Corporate Coffee /@Dust Mite - Designing this character before CoV was even in beta, I was just trying to think of the most evil villain I could imagine.


King of the Coffee Industry Turns out Crooked

As the owner and figurehead for Corporate Coffee Co. this peculiar eccentric business man has everyone fooled! His ever growing chain of coffee shops doesn't even serve quality coffee. It's all drowned in milk, sugar, and strange powders. And if only the public knew that he raised an army of the undead to do his dirty work and pollute the world!

But that's not all! Dabbling in dark technologies and magic has his body decaying. Will the netherworld maintain their modern day Faust, or will the marketing giant crumble like used up coffee grounds?

The Cult of Coffee

Corporate Coffee is known to employ an army of undead minions. It is suspected that he raises the corpses through technological means. A patent for experimental life giving nano-technologies is held under a suspected alias, though nothing has been confirmed. When out in public, it has become clear, however, that the zombies have an unquenchable thirst for caffeinated beverages. Many also work in the back rooms of his coffee houses. C.C. seems to have little worry about their being exposed to the public eye.

Most notable of all his minions are six that he keeps as his body guards at all times. They are referred to as Mocha Boy, Jo, Espresso Grind, the Bean Harvester, the Profit Reaper, and the evil HR Director. They have demonstrated themselves to be the most powerful of all his minions, commanding dark energies, and spewing forth toxic vomit on all their enemies.

File:Zombie minion.jpg
Caffeine riddled zombies

The Corporate Arsenal

C.C. has a wide array of gadgets that he's used throughout his career to dispatch common nuisances, and arch rival business members alike. Most deadly of which, perhaps, is a wrist mounted dart launcher. It shoots darts filled with paralytic, and seriously crippling poisons. He also has had a small tube surgically inserted into his mouth, which can excrete a deadly toxic goo-like substance - either as a glob, or as a fine mist.

Dealings with the Devil?

In addition to all the venom-spitting gadgetry employed by Corporate Coffee, he has been observed commanding dark magiks. Witnesses on several occasions have claimed to see him 'steal souls' from his victims. As of late, he's also been surrounded by a dark cloud, and has a blackened mist coming from out his eyes!

It is rumored that C.C. has been working closely with Ghost Widow, and some would like to tie these two mysteries together. More theorists, however, are certain that something far more menacing is going on.


Primary Set


Secondary Set


Additional Powers

Ghost Widow's patron powers, Teleportation, Hover

Known Affiliations

Corporate Coffee coffee chains across the US and the Rogue Isles.

Villain Group: Peoples Vengeance Unlimited

Character History

Coming Soon!


- The first full service Corporate Coffee Coffee House, then known simply as 'The Coffee House', opened its doors in 1999. The man now known as Corporate Coffee worked there as a barista.

- It is believed that the first undead minion of C.C.'s, the zombie known as Mocha Boy, was a young employee of his at one of the first Coffee Houses. The investigation into the man's mysterious disappearance still goes unsolved, a fact that only propagates this horrible rumor.

- Not a single real flavor is used in any of the Corporate Coffee Coffee House beverages.

- Corporate Coffee started out as a very clean-cut, well to do business man. He was young, fresh, and ahead of his game when Corporate Coffee Coffee Houses started springing up all across the US. Only when he arrived in the Rogue Isles to start franchising there did he physically begin to decay. He went through a 'Gothic Period' donning a top hat and cape when he was still trying to disguise his disfigured face with make-up, but now nearly half his face is eaten away, and his arms have decayed to the bone. He removed the top of his skull, all of which was severely damaged, and very openly walks around looking like a mad scientist. Only time will tell how long this weak frame can support his genius mind.

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