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Player: @Vangelus
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 33
Personal Data
Real Name: Eva Dora
Known Aliases: Corpsy
Species: Undead human
Age: Confidential
Height: 5'8" (approximately)
Weight: 115 lbs (approximately)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Grey
Biographical Data
Nationality: Hungarian
Occupation: Independent Businesswoman, Associate of Anathema
Place of Birth: Budapest
Base of Operations: Cap Au Diable
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Earth-Bonded, Psionic Projection
Known Abilities
Minimal Physical Form, Pathological "Businessmaker"
Medical Applicator (stolen), multiple cellphones (stolen), various relics and pieces of technology (stolen)
No additional information available.

The woman once known as Eva Dora originally died sometime in the past century. Killed by her fiancee and partner-in-crime for a dark ritual, Eva eventually arose from her grave several decades later. Taking on a new identity as Corpsotica, she headed for the one place that seemed to suit the reckless and illegal lifestyle she craved once more: The Rogue Isles.

In terms of the game engine, Corpsotica is a Plant Control/Psionic Assault dominator created by @Vangelus upon CoV's launch in 2005.



Real Name: Eva Dora

Known Aliases: Corpsy

Identity: Secret

Occupation: Independent Businesswoman, Associate of Anathema

Citizenship: Rogue Isles Resident

Place of Birth: Budapest

Base of Operations: The Warrens

Known Relatives: Un-named Fiancee (possibly deceased)

Affiliations: Anathema

Former Affiliations: None

Physical Attributes

Height: 5'8" (approximately)

Weight: 115 lbs (approximately)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Grey


Corpsotica is a born socialite and criminal. Breaking the law tends to go hand-in-hand with acts that make her happy, and she thrives on the company of others on a social level.

She is also a shameless and cut-throat "independent businesswoman". The acquisition of money and trinkets seems to trump most of her other desires in unlife, and this has made her relationships with many peers somewhat tenuous. Corpsotica's craving for swindling, moneymaking, and acquisition is almost pathological in its severity.

Another notable disposition of Corpsotica's is her lack of care about details. Even in the case of the spells that animate her beyond death, she has little inclination to understand precisely how or why they are in action. This seems to be an extention of her prioritizing enjoyment and self-rewards over most other things.

These foremost traits of her character seem to shield a side of Corpsotica that she does not want known. The betrayal she suffered at the hands of her fiancee left psychological scars that she is barely, if at all, aware of. Corpsotica has a subconscious aversion to close friendship, but at the same time has a great desire to be a member of "the social scene". She will go to great lengths to come off as a social butterfly, but feels compelled to avoid being with others for more than a couple of hours. The most poignant piece of evidence is her daytimer, a book filled with appointments that she cites in order to give the impression of not having the time to be around her peers for longer than she believes to be fashionable. What many do not know is that a good number of her dinner dates and parties are simply analogues for trashy, gossip-laden television shows. Corpsotica has resigned herself to this lifestyle, though at times it builds a self-loathing internal anxiety that bubbles to the surface every few months. It is also subtley prevalent in the form of a prejudice against most other undeads.

Powers and Abilities


Corpsotica is able to directly manipulate organisms beneath the earth, so long as she is in near-direct contact to the ground. Her body has some sort of "magnetic" effect in this regard, able to draw vines, spores, and other plant-life up through nearly any surface. Some of these organisms even appear to gain a vague sapience, able to follow her like pets and attack enemies on sight.

She has also been seen with a small, potted plant. It appears to be a common flytrap that has gained sapience and regards Corpsotica as its patriarch. Though it has not been confirmed, she has implied that it feeds by consuming human bodies.

The limitations of this power are not yet clear, outside of her control extending primarily over plant-life. However, she is also able to leap incredible distances by both causing the ground beneath her to "springboard" her into the air and manipulating her landing area to soften and cushion her fall.

Psionic Projection

Corpsotica's other main power is that of offensive psionic projection. She is able to launch waves of pure psionic energy, often spawned either from her own emotions or the thought patterns of her targets. She does not know the specifics of this ability, usually only activating it by looking at her enemies and thinking about dealing with them.

A variant application of this power comes in the form of a small-radius psionic vacuum effect, where she drains the energy of the psyches around her to directly augment her own body for short periods of time.

Minimal Physical Form

Though she has gone to great lengths to appear full-bodied and undisturbing to the eye, Corpsotica's actual physical mass is very scarce. The magic that fuels her unlife has animated the remnants of her flesh and clothing, but also sealed them together as one body. Beneath her visible flesh and burial garments are nothing more than dust and bones. The most blatant example of this is her face, which is wholly concealed aside from her remaining eye and greyed hair.

After accumulating sufficient funds, Corpsotica purchased a more modern-looking costume that gives her body a more substantial appearance. However, beneath the expensive materials that she almost always wears, Corpsotica has fit both her decayed corpse as well as the aged rags that are sealed around them.

Currently, she has not attempted to remove any of her burial garb, primarily because she fears it may cause what is left of her body to physically fall apart.

Pathological "Businessmaker"

Corpsotica's ability to swindle and deal-make under most any situation is almost superhuman. This, combined with her latent kleptomania, means that she often carries a myriad of items for the purpose of sale.

The benefits of this are twofold. Her desire to do business gives her a powerful, if short-lived and temporary, courage in the face of many otherwise intimidating situations. Also, it is not completely unlikely that Corpsotica will in fact be carrying an item that could be incredibly useful to a given situation. The downside of this benefit is that she will likely not offer the item in question without asking for an unreasonable amount of money in return.


Rise and Shine


The Sea Witch Vendetta


Opening Mind


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