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'Blood of the Dragon....Gift of the Helix'
Player: @????
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 50 (Feb 2008)
Personal Data
Real Name: Magge Yulholin
Known Aliases: Tura
Species: Mutant Human
Age: 15
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 115 lbs
Eye Color: Bulbous iridescent green
Hair Color: Greasy jet black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Franklinton, OH
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Minor
Known Relatives: Delpha Heinz-Braddock
Known Powers
Organic radioactive generation & vaporous toxins
Known Abilities
Control Harness (but from who?)
An eldritch and mephitic xenobiology, grafted to human DNA.

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Most of the time, this character is trapped within the form of the creature that is slowly devouring her reason. In the form of the monster her communication is limited to inhuman utterances and dark pantomines. The creature is cunning, yet utterly alien of the human condition.



((Seeking an RP partnership with a doctor, professor, or scientist type... evil or otherwise. But someone with a Lovecraftian sense of tone and fragility. Please feel free to contact me by in-game email, or tell with thoughts.))

Personality Notes

Magge desperately seeks to understand the horrible changes that threaten her very life and sanity.

Background [Lite]

On the rare occasions she can manage to appear at St. Stephen's in uniform, she is often dispirited, and disheveled.

Her few friends, and her guardian Aunt Delpha, have gone from concern, to fear within the last few weeks as the darkness and hunger of Magge's vitiated nature has started to manifest, seeping into even her naive alter-ego at times.

On occasion she has surfaced near or about the Academie de Vindicta, and seems to respond to Terra Silverspar. A lonely, and solitary thing, Creatura more often then not leaves little clue of her whereabouts as she sulks about the isles.

Canticles of Madness

*"The MANY sing to us."

-??, ((System Shock 2, 1999))

10/18/07; 10:40 [private Net-Journal entry]

Sc...[partial erased section, post creation]

...THEY, the ‘others’ are talking to me again. Horrible waking noises. Buzzings, and crackings. Talkings…so much in quiet whispery talkings. Like a soothing tornado the drone. Maybe, maybe they never really left, only seeking to make me normal for awhile. Calm me down for… [unintelligible].. [unintelligible]….God please! HOW I hate this!! At first , like I told you was …when was that again? I thought it was good…tragic maybe even. But NOT knowing your own soul is a hell I now know way, way well. [unintelligible] ..double scoops all the time. No fun, but sometimes I find presents. Not nice either. Oh god! I… mustn't tell Auntie!!

February 11, 2008?? [Scribbled in worn pencil on the inside of an old newspaper]

I found someone today. Something. He is beautiful in his own horrid way. [scribbling becomes more strained] ..hile the calm is with me, I mu*t remember! I must understand the need to help him. To help myself. His name is not in my mind, but I must rememember it! i will **member. Kept it safe withese papers for tumorrow when maybe things aren[smudged] so cleir. d id [strange marks noted] Terra talk to me lazt nite...can't remember.

Al*o,, [writing is now smeared and not legible] ** **

WORK ORDER 456AY129066: Mercy City, Maintenance Hatch ZX-1174 Inspection Notes

Sanitary Tech Sorgeheim (verbal report file):

Uhh...lets ZX-1174 hatch looks good ... *sounds of sewer hatch being exercised during inspection*, with some minor corrosion near the spring solenoid. Nothing that can't wait till next year. Also, tell Bridson that we have another one. No signs at all. No rat droppings...nothing ..nadda.

Real Strange.

hmmm ... *under her breath* ...even the 'Snakes' aren't that good at extermination.

Close log 6/18/2008 16:58.

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