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The planet (notyetnamed) is not terribly unlike our own, though it's inhabitants are somewhat more advanced. Located further down our own spiral arm of the galaxy, (Planetname) is inhabited predominantly by a species resembling humans, though featuring several feline characteristics.

During the Rikti Invasion, a single Rikti craft was sent off-course and by sheer accident happened to land on (Planetname). Being ill-equipped to handle a Rikti attack of any size, the war that was waged in defense of (Planetname) was the largest, bloodiest confrontation of their history, the fighting (and winning) of which serving as a catalyst to finally unite disparate nations and set the foundation for world peace.

In celebration, a close-knit group of young superpowered veterans of the Last War (as it would come to be called) departed on a celebratory vacation, a sightseeing Space-cruise. This was to be cut short by their own navigational mishap, resulting in a crash landing on Earth, just outside of Paragon. Responding to their distress signal was Ace Hadron, the man who they would eventually convince to act as intermediary between them and us.

When the Space-tourists discovered that our planet was also combating the Rikti, they volunteered to aid their services in our defense. It was only after their first attack here that they realized the magnitude of the difference in scale between each planet's attacks. Still, it's not like they had any place else to go with their ship out of commission....


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