Crushfist Squad Six

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Crushfist Squad Six:History

In the local year 33 (625 King's), in a alternate dimensional universe far removed from the Alternate Earth's Dimension plane continum; a planet as called Azeroth, though the realm's last great war was ended; the hostilties were recently rekindling as new war leaders took position for their nations. The two main embattled factions were: 1) the Alliance nations and races 2) The races of the New Horde, the restructured Orc Horde of Gul'dan"

Report 239r7: Crushfist Squad Six:

This brief is about the events surrounding Crushfist Squad Six(C-6 Squad) and how all the surviving members were phased into another dimension and it's universe. And the list of members surviving, KIA and MIA. 13 members were blown through the rift of a destroyed arcane powered portal being maintained on the remnants of a doomed planet, named Draenor by a exiled race residing there..

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