Cyber Slinger

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Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto
Cyber Slinger
Player: @Angel Silhouette
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Corrupter
Security Level: 13
Personal Data
Legal Name: Xiao Feng
Species: Human / Clockwork
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 425
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Singapore
Occupation: Powers Division
Base of Operations: Imperial City
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers
Cybernetic Enhancements
Known Equipment
Twin Navy Colt Revolvers, Triage Beacon, Acid Mortar, Taser, Tech Ammunition.
Known Abilities
Marksmanship, tracking, hacking, interrogation, demolitions



Powers Division
Praetorian Police Department




Because of his extensive injuries, the majority of Xiao Feng's body was replaced with clockwork parts.


His new legs allow him to run faster and jump much higher than an ordinary human.


Stronger than a human's and the myometric twitch fibres allow for much faster, and yet more accurate, movements.


His eyes interface with a Heads Up Display projection for 360° multi-targeting, digital zoom and enhancement and allow for Broad-spectrum Light-frequency Translation (BLT), granting him the ability to see from infra-red all the way to ultra-violet.

Internal Structure

Much of his internal structure has been replaced, including his lungs, heart, liver, kidney, spinal column and part of his core musculature.

Tech Ammunition

Xiao Feng's new found fine motor control and enhanced vision has allowed him to tool his own tech-rounds. The bullets, themselves, are very simple: a brittle allow shell encasing a liquid core. When the rounds are fired, hairline fractures are created around the base of the round to facilitate the round shattering upon contact, rather than penetrating. This gives the rounds woefully short range, but compromises have to be made for non-lethal alternatives.

Hot Loads

Jellied propellant fills the round and ignites upon contact with oxygen.

LOX Loads

The round shatters spraying a cloud of liquid oxygen which flash frosts the target. While a single round might only cause momentary (intense) pain, multiple shots to an armoured target can freeze joints and servos.


Taking the "Stink Load" to another level. The hydrofluoric acid aerosols when the round shatters, and the out-gassing causes the target to want to escape the sting rather than attack.


In addition to his pistols and cybernetics, Cyber Slinger uses an assortment of gimmick devices to assist in his take downs.


His helmet is loaded with additional hardware including a floating HUD which interfaces with his cybernetic eyes to increase his targeting radius to 360°. Other features include an air filter, auto-darkening blast shield, and audio amplification / protection.

Glue Grenade

Loaded with a sticky, high pressure gel; when it bursts, it sprays out a mass of web-like filaments, anchoring a target to the nearest immobile object.

Acid Mortar

A small, egg shaped device that unfolds into a micro-mortar. It lobs out globs of corrosive gel which, on impact with the target, splatter to other targets nearby. The gel eats through armour and burns skin, though is not fatal.


Cyber Slinger is an ex-syndicate assassin and brings with him a wealth of specialist skills used in his previous profession.

Character History

Xiao Feng, now known as the "Cyber Slinger", was once one of the most expensive syndicate assassins before he was betrayed by his own employers and their resistance allies.
After running a mission to take out a high profile target, the syndicate decided he knew too much and paid the resistance to eliminate their new liability.
Although he managed to inflict heavy losses to the resistance, once his defences were breached very little of him remained. Luckily, his emergency hospital teleporter activated before it was too late. Now, more machine than man, he has sworn revenge upon both his former patrons and their lackeyed resistance thugs. To that end, he joined the powers division, created a quasi-PPD uniform, and adopted his new name; a name he will ensure both the syndicate and the resistance learn to fear. ((Temporary from my in game ID, I do plan to expand this))
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