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D-Hack is a genius when it comes to computers and programs but he didnt really become a villain until he stole the suit. Hacking into an installations computers he stole a tech suit which allows its wearer to teleport. Now D-Hack hacks dimension along with computers in his efforts to gain more money and fame. D-Hack is not much of a fighter and tends to run away after only moments of heroes showing up.

Player: @Sin Stalker
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: Low
Personal Data
Real Name: 'Record Deleted'
Known Aliases: 'Record Deleted'
Species: Human
Age: 'Record Deleted'
Height: 'Record Deleted'
Weight: 'Record Deleted'
Eye Color: 'Record Deleted'
Hair Color: 'Record Deleted'
Biographical Data
Nationality: 'Record Deleted'
Occupation: Computer Hacker and Bank Robber
Place of Birth: 'Record Deleted'
Base of Operations: 'Record Deleted'
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: 'Record Deleted'
Known Powers
The ability to Teleport, limited flight, low level energy blasts
Known Abilities
Hack almost any computer systems.
Helmet Computer, Prototype Teleporting tech-suit, Rocket Boots, Blast Gloves.



Child's Play

A very nerdy kid in high school. He dreamed of being a superhero and being cool but all for the wrong reasons. He pretty much just dreamed of winning his cheerleader crush, easily beating up the jocks and bullys who pick on him and of course, popularity.

His existance was all around his computer. His only friends, fellow hackers who would praise him as being awesome or the coolest because of his hacks skills. Gaining this attention was the main motivater of him hacking into a secure government computer database. The computer had details of a new tech suit and super computer being transported just outside of town. Using his skills he hacked into the GPS of the convoy and change the route. Then once the truck was within a strong Wi-Fi range, he hacked into the suits super computer and activated its teleportation device. The GPS was changed once again and the military convoy was back on its way.

No one knew the suit was gone and no one would until the convoy reached its destination hours later.

In a flash, the suit appears above his desk. It falls and crushes his computer, desk and other nearby electronics. The suit was his. The suit was power. The suit could although him to go anywhere and do anything.

It was the one unique ability the suit had. While just like any other super suit, it had flight, energy projectors, etc, the suit had a new teleportation unit based off of Rikti technology recovered after the first Rikti War.

Superheroics awaited but instead, his selfish reasoning behind such antics lead him down a path of crime.

Instead of gaining the popularity of his peers, he gained there fear.

Instead of winning his cheerleader crush, he raped her.

Instead of beating up the jocks and bullys, he ended up hospitalizing and killing some.

With a life of crime, he found a new means of gaining praise and attention but fear. Instead of just hacking computers, in his eyes he now hacks dimensions.

He is D-Hack, the Dimensional Hacker.

Powers & Gear

D-Hack is one of the best computer hackers in the western world. His ability to hack, even with very limited computer equipment is quite amazing. Software and hardware; D-Hack is a pure computer genius.

The Suit

The suit is a government prototype field combat aid. Its main focus is on the Rikti teleportation technology recovered from the first invasion. By sending out its own teleportational field or web, the suit acts as its own pylon or beacon when dealing with teleporting. It then is able to use nearby devices, fields and land marks as pylon or beacons aswell allowing for a more advanced and accurate teleport.

The Helmet

Greatly modified by D-Hack, the helmet was original a built it super computer with limited interactivity. The super computer was able to primarily deal with communications and suit controls but with D-Hacks alterations, the helmets computer has now become a hackers wet dream.

Using any program you can find, any game, any software and feature it now is D-Hacks main hacking computer.


The prototype suit was never ment for heavy combat, at least not this version. The main thing they were testing was the Rikti teleporation technology. They do equip the suit with some basic offensive abilites although they are so weak they generally act like a defensive ability.

The gloves are able to emit a strong force blast with easily knocks down its target. The blast lacks in heat or any form of radiation so the blast itself does not actually cause severe harm, only the fall afterwards.


The prototype also uses a mesh of Rikti and Earth technology. One such combo is the use of a shield bubble technology. Viewed more as a secondary feature compared to the teleportation feature, the suit is still remarkable in its advanced energy shielding technology whic uses the same networking or web as the teleporation units beacon system.


A seemly basic feature but impressive none-the-less, the suit is equiped with rocket boots for LIMITED flight.


During D-Hacks criminal career, he has been able to equire the technology and capital to experiment with technology, techology that is based somewhat on his suits technology.


D-Hacks attempt at copying the force blasters in his gloves, then modifying them to generate a more harmful energy blast then original designed for. This blaster is still relativly weak but what it lacks in knockback ability it makes up for with sheer destruction.


Shortly after D-Hack acquiring of the suit, he attempted to steal more government property. It did work but only for a short time until the access codes the suit carried onboard were refused access and security measure were increased.

One of these attempts gained D-Hack access to robotic technology. He has since made improvements and has even been able to create more robots, although it takes D-Hack along time and they are usually inferior products.

Comic Book

D-Hack so far as appeared in issue 1 of the Justice-Knights fan made CoH comic book. The comic book series is available at:


Currently, D-Hack is not set to reappear in the comic series anytime soon.

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