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D.F.B. Crew (Death From Below)
Founder: Elisa
Side: Heroes
Motto: The streets take care of their own.
Leader(s): (Currently) Postmortem
Logo: Jagged arrow pointing downward
Group Colours: Purple and Green
Levels: All
Play style: Infrequent
Roleplay: Expected
Timezone(s): Any
Recruiting: No
Contact: D.F.B. Crew
No additional information available.

In the days directly after the first Rikti War, ex-Freakshow member Elisa Morales decided she was tired of being given the choice between cowering before street crime or joining it. She chose option three: fight back.

With King's Row and other low income neighborhoods less represented by the heroing community than the ritzy, upscale districts (as evidenced by the unusually high number of warehouses in the garment district seemingly dedicated to being temporary lairs for various thugs), Elisa started recruiting Paragon locals to defend their localities.

Most of the 'crew are pretty down to earth as heroes go. Sure, some of them are mages, undead, robot obsessed, or slightly dangerous to themselves and their allies, but they're all loyal to their city and ready to defend it against any threats that rise before it.

D.F.B. is largely retired at this point, with its members having moved on to mentoring younger heroes, much as the surviving eight have done. Some wind was also taken out of their sails when Elisa was lost in Recluse's Victory, somewhere between dead and nonexistent; although she's returned as a divine agent in the form of Street-Spirit, the crew is without singular leadership. Which is fine, as they are still notable for being major power players in support of other supergroups.


Current active members

Core members

Postmortem - cryogenically possibly undead, leader by default

Dusty Finish - longbow agent and cowgirl

Spacey - only occasionally and accidentally annexes sovereign nations

Jibril - semi-insane oracle of fire

Hit People Guy - he hits things and he is a guy

Street-Spirit - urban born angelic agent, shares Elisa's soulspace

Haley Somerset - People-shy psychic supreme

Dead and/or Missing

Elisa - killed? by Lord Recluse, in a divine pact to protect her city

Kusanagi - Reported M.I.A. in the Shadow Shard, possibly on deep cover op in the Rogue Isles. Current status classified.

Douglas Smith - went heroing to find his family. Found them. Stopped heroing.

Not Either Of Those

Heavy Metal Thunder - is not sure how he got into this, but damned if he's going to quit now!

Earth Magus Mu'Koros - Hot-tempered young wizard with a difficult past


D.F.B. supports a number of other supergroups, lending their veteran advice and time-tested superpowers in the fight against evil...


Brigands of Light

Night Shift

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