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DJ Thrash.jpg
"Revenge is a dish best served cold"

F*ck That!!! My revenge will be Loud.

But first I have to go see my Parol officer...

DJ Thrash
Player: @NyteRavynn
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 2
Personal Data
Real Name: '
Known Aliases: Thrash
Species: Human
Age: 18
Height: 6'
Weight: 213lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucasian/American
Occupation: DJ / "Ex"-Criminal (Outcast)
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Disowned by family
Known Powers
see Equipment*

Sonic Amplification, Generation and Modulation (ie Sonic Blast/Energy Manipulation)

Known Abilities
Streetfighting, Electronics, DJing
*Sonic Amplification decives (Headphones and Microphone), Council Raptor Pack, Skateboard (Prestige Power Slide)
Is not a Cape Radio or other virtue radio station DJ, just one in IC.
DJ Thrash logo.jpg

Once and Outcast, always an Outcast... thats what the gang used to say. But where were they when they left me behind. Where were they when I was fighting for my life in prison? and When I returned, was I still an Outcast? F*ck No!!! They abandoned me twice, well third time may be the charm, but I'm not giving them the chance. I see an Outcast, and its time to throw down.



Identity: N/A

Super Group: The Echelon

Known Associates:

Known Enemies: The Outcasts, Skulls, Hellions, Trolls.


Abrupt and some may say rude, but when you grow up on the streets with the gangs it happens. Now trying to reform; or so he was told to do to get out of prison. Him working for the good guys, who would have thought it. Still getting used to working within the law and has found it isn't very lucritive, your name out on the street only does so much. Plus what can it hurt if he takes a few hundred $$$ when he is saving the bank thousands by stopping the criminals, hell they won't even miss it, and with noone around they won't know.


Punk, Hard Rock, Metal, Ska, and Techno; music you can thrash too.

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All his powers are from stolen equipment; the Sonic Amiplication device was stolen from a Crey Warehouse consisting of some remote devices, speaker components and microphone. It allows him to emit high frequency sounds to stun targets and burst their ear drums, as well as physical cause harm; you kinda like a perfect C will shatter glass, well the right tone can do the same thing to bones. It still has more settings he has to test. The remote devices allow him to set up harmonic resonance fields around people to reduce energies, just doesn't work on himself, cause some sort of feedback with the rest of the equipment.

Character History

I grew up on the streets. My family? They were never that important, they just held me back, mom and dad trying to tell me what to do. I had to deal with that for a while, but then when I turned 12 things changed. I found my true family, the Outcasts. I was like them, didn't fit with my family, the black sheep if you will, always in trouble and pushing the limits. They though they could ground me, but it never held. Supposedly it was for my best interests. What the hell... they aren't me how would they know what is in my best interest. So when I turned 12 and found the Outcasts they accepted me, showed me how to survive on the streets. First I would help with minor things, being a lookout while the leaders broke into banks and warehouses. But at least they were my family; brothers all.

Over the next few years I grew stronger, and learned what really mattered, how to survive. I may have stayed at home, but they couldn't control me, and knew better than to try. I skipped school when it suited me and went with the others; learning to pick locks, fight and defend myself from the other gangs. We had a feud with the Skulls and Hellions, both thought our turf was theirs, but it wasn't and we proved it time and again. That area of Steel Canyon was ours.

When I turned 16 I was fully in the gang, one the others looked up to, could fight better than most. Even had become somewhat of a celebrity with my skills at DJing, all our parties rocked when I was the DJ. We had a new mark, a council warehouse that supposedly had some devices that would be worth alot of money. I was getting to go inside with the others, I was an Outcast. Except things would not go as planned. We broke in no problems, even found the equipment, some sort of Energy Amplification devices; some sort of government project. We were heading out when the council busted in firing; after the first few shots I'm not sure what happened, I blacked out. Only to wake later in the hospital with cops standing at my door. I was in a room by myself, and my chest hurt, damn Council. But what happened to the rest of the gang? did they get away? I was sure my brothers would come visit me. But you know who my visitors were? My parents, now they act like they care when I was injured, before could they even care? And then there was Detective ________, asking me who was involved in the break in; like I was going to tell him.

I kept my word to my brothers, I wouldn't turn them in, and I spent 2 years in a Juvenille Detention Center for it; but I kept my word. Met a few other Outcasts and others while I was there, all had stories similar that they had been left behind, forgotten. Yea well they might have been, but not me, they wouldn't have forgotten and left me behind if they could have recovered me. I got into quite few fights there, some with former Outcasts who told me I was betrayed. Yea someone who was in here for the 3rd and 4th time; no wonder they got left; they were trouble for the group, they would have dragged the rest down with them. I was sure I would be welcomed when released, but that wouldn't be for another year; judge gave me 2 years, to be released after my 18th birthday. While in Juvi was forced to get my G.E.D., since I would miss the last of high school.

Still in Trouble

November 11th, 2006 I was released as the judge ordered, given my belongings, as well as phone and address of my parole officer. Damn, not even living with mom & dad and someone still wanted to act like my parent. Well I would be given the rules that I had to follow; stay away from the Outcasts and any other gang, keep my nose clean; no drugs, alcohol, nothing, he would test me every week for it. This was worse than living with my parents, but if I wanted to stay out of jail I had to listen. Yea right, first thing I did was go and find the old crew. Except it wasn't the old crew, oh it was still the same people, but they would no longer be my crew. What the others in Juvi said was true, they abandoned us, left us to the law. We were nothing but fodder to them, any of us that were caught would be treated the same way.

We had words, boy did we have words. Punches were thrown, weapons drawn; I wasn't an Outcast, I had no place here and they would use force to prove it. I got out with a mild concussion, 3 broken ribs, a black eye and multipe abrasions. But I walked out on my own two feet, some of them got worse than me. I went to the address of one of the other ex-Outcast Juvi inmates, and went to his house. He stayed with his mother; they took me in when my own parents wouldn't. Two days out they said and already in trouble again, I was no longer their son. Seth and his mom would help me out, helping me get back on my feet and stay clean. Started taking classes at the Tech school, and learned about electronics, I could use this to my advantage.

I found the crey warehouse was were it had been before and made my way in, two years had passed but the crates were in the same place, and this time I wouldn't be interrupted. I set some bombs and grabbed a crate, hey I got money from work but it wasn't that much; this stuff would fetch a better price. I left with what would be my future and didn't even realize it. Inside the crate was a Sonic Modulation device, including schematics that I could read. Found I could put the speakers in a pair of headphones, and the microphone to amplify sound and use it as a weapon. As well as a few other useful gadgets, a plan was forming.

A Hero is Created

I was told to clean up my act, well I knew just how to do that, may not go after some but I could get back at the Outcasts and others that screwed with me. I would take the name DJ Thrash, and fight as one of the good guys, seems my parole officer had no problem with this as it didn't take long for him to find out. This might be my new thing... who knows, its kinda cool.

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