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Daemon Consortium, The
Founder: Anarhis (Details in IC history.)
Side: Villain
Motto: Rekindled.
Leader(s): Luciana Darkbloom, Auriana Perfidus, Ekali Aurelia
Logo: Handprint
Group Colours: Black and dark crimson.
Levels: 1-50
Play style: Casual, PvE & ltd. PvP
Roleplay: Heavy RP, Friendly, Mature
Timezone(s): Mostly ET to PT, All Welcome
Recruiting: INACTIVE
Contact: @afflicked, @mogujie, @unheilstifter
This Supergroup is currently Inactive.

The Daemon Consortium is a hostel for lost, wayward, or otherwise displaced creatures and beings principally deriving from "Magic" Origins. The group has not declared any overarching agenda or manifesto of action other than to provide a safe and welcoming place for those who need shelter from the daily threats presented to the residents of the Rogue Isles. Because of the population of the Consortium is primarily composed of entities and individuals from sinister, infernal, or diabolical planes of reality, the Freedom Corps, the Legacy Chain, and other law-enforcement agencies have classified the Daemon Consortium as a "Villain Group".

Scholars should note that the actual definition of "daemon" is considerably different than that of the Judeo-Christian concept of a "demon". As for the Consortium's recruiting and admission policies, a being or entity ascribing to either definition is equally welcome.


IC Information



The hostel has always had a history of being thrust upon unwitting owners, blind to their responsibilities and duties. In this way it was cast onto Luciana Darkbloom by Anarhis, a contract changing hands so quickly as to not even warrant the notice of its new owner before matters had settled in a more or less permanent fashion.

Hostel property was originally acquired through force from the Circle of Thorns, by the incubus Anarhis, who was expelled from his own plane for reasons known to a select few. His acquisition was made without the charitable intentions that the hostel would be known to embody; in truth, it was an elaborate ruse hatched by Anarhis to monitor the actions of his would be assassin, Luciana Darkbloom, and eventually, as a way to remove her from the picture. The hostel came into Darkbloom possession when Anarhis covertly signed the deed over to her, in hopes that the Circle would punish her accordingly for seizing their property. Having since resolved their conflict, Anarhis resides in his own apartment in Mercy Island, while Luciana retained control over the hostel. (More information about this conflict can be found on the character's respective pages).

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Recruiting Flyer

An example of the recruiting flyer, posted around area of interest throughout the Rogue Isles and Paragon:



The Daemon Consortium provides shelter, asylum, training, and counselling for all beings of magic and sorcery, trans-dimensional beings or transplanar refugees. Native or non-native to the prime material plane, the Daemon Consortium does not discriminate! No philosophical, religious, or mythological prohibitions. Suffer persecution, exploitation, and the pursuit of Paragon's "righteous defenders" no more! Do not weather the gross indignities of the mortal plane alone! We specialize in dimensional rehabilitation and familiarization with mortal society.


Students of magic and sorcery welcome, outreach programs available for mortal practioners. Hands-on training working side-by-side with the creatures of legend and myth! We teach the secrets MAGI doesn't think you're ready for. Quality library and research materials available.


Extradimensional travelers welcome, mortals and other beings less attuned to the Great Workings are accepted on a provisional basis - do not hesitate to ask! Our Coalition of associated shelters and employers may have an outreach program for you!

The Daemon Consortium: Rekindled

OOC Information

Recruiting, Membership

The Daemon Consortium is a RP-oriented Villain Group whose continuity tends to be consistent with conventional CoX canon. Although the group has an emphasis on characters who have a Magic origin, characters of all origins are welcome provided there is a reasonable IC rationale for associating with daemons, demons, witches, wizards, ghosts, or other supernatural creatures. Additionally, many of our members come from "Natural" origins, where their superhuman abilities are a "natural" outgrowth for their otherworldly or supernatural species. Most character concepts tend to be anti-heroic or anti-villainous in nature. Just as commonly, the characters tend to have no clear agenda whatsoever, aside from resolving personal conflicts and challenges provided to them in their history and biographies

Recruiting is ideally performed in character with one of the existing members, but the Daemon Consortium also advertises its service in numerous (unseen) IC flyers left throughout the Rogue Isles. Contact a proprietor or custodian, or simply approach a VG member ICly and strike up a IC conversation. The flyers are ICly enchanted to respond favorably when in the presence of a member of the Hostel.

Unfortunately, The Daemon Consortium does not presently have a Hero-side Supergroup analogue, and there are no plans for the establishment of one for the time being.

Prestige Requirements

The Daemon Consortium prefers that members remain in Supergroup Mode consistently through their gameplay until Level 25 or the appropriate infamy dropoff, though it is never explicitly demanded. Characters are, of course, not required to remain in Supergroup mode during Roleplay sessions or scenes. Remaining in Supergroup Mode after level 34 is appreciated as it allows the proprietors to continue to add amenities and features to the base, as well any necessary upkeep.

At present, there is no requirement for donations to the inspiration, enhancement, or salvage caches. Donation of infamy is not required or presently rewarded. There are no rewards for prestige accumulation at this time, promotions are primarily obtained on a subjective basis of frequency of play, activity, and of course in-character considerations. If you feel that your character warrants a promotion, please speak to one of the Custodians or Proprietors to discuss the matter.

Roleplay and Themes

Mature role-play is common in the plots and scenes portrayed by the members of the Consortium, although this can always be modified by negotiation between players during or prior to role-playing a scene. There is a high emphasis is placed on friendly cooperative resolution of IC conflict. Needless to say, actions and comments (meta-IC or OOC) which are clearly harrassing, abusive, and offensive will be dealt with appropriate severity by the VG leaders. This being said, our members are typically mature role-players and capable of handling many complicated and intense roleplay themes and scenes. If there is any question about a scene or action, please discuss this in Team Channel or in private tells between the individuals. If you are interested in initimate, Adult Roleplay, please see the appropriate section below.

If your character has a plot or other storyline you would like to integrate, please feel free to communicate this with the Proprietor, Custodians, or other Residents of the Consortium. While the IC Rules and Prohibitions of the Consortium are enforced vigorously In-Character, this certainly does not preclude a character from challenging or breaking them In-Character as a way to advance a plot or storyline. Some current and prior members of the Consortium have been "disciplined" ICly (whether reprimanded or completely exiled), but remain valuable and active characters in active storylines. Please note that any overarching or revolutionary change in the status of the Consortium as a result of your RP plots or storylines (such as a usurping of IC control, or assault against the members, or other such drastic action) must be discussed and consented to by the Proprietors if not the Group as a whole.

Adult Roleplay

The Daemon Consortium is not a dedicated Adult Role-Play group, but there is obviously no objection to the activity should two (or more) players wish to enjoy it privately. Roleplay Scenes of an intimate nature should always be handled in tells or in a shared Team Chat. Needless to say, if a player/character refuses to initiate or participate in an Adult Role-play scene, there should be no further discussion about the matter. Persistent harrassment of a player for unwanted Adult Roleplay scenes will not only result in the character being forcibly and permanently removed from the VG, it may also result in a report to NCSoft for the player's violation of the EULA.

Channel Conduct

In general, all Chat Channels are always considered In-Character, unless demarcated by the double parentheses indicators. Please respect this limitation on your chatting, as deviating from it only causes confusion (and infrequent frustration) to those who are using the channel for roleplaying scenes or exchanges. The only global exception to this rule is, of course, the Request channel, Help channel, or a customized OOC channel.

Team Chat can be considered IC or OOC, depending on the desires and wishes of the specific team group - but should be explicitly declared prior to breaking "IC chat mode".

Within the Hostel/Lair (the Supergroup Base), Local Chat and Broadcast Chat should be considered always IC unless demarcated as described above. If you require OOC attention or have OOC inquiries, please post to the Supergroup Chat (OOCly) or to Request

((more to come!))

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