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Daisy Chain

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Daisy Chain by johnbecaro.wiki.gif
"Industrial Espionage"
Daisy Chain
Player: @SoulTrain
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Minazaki Nagano
Known Aliases: Dae Se Chan, Daisy, Mina
Species: Human
Age: 25
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 120#
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese citizen, missing (presumed dead)
Occupation: Kunoichi/Assassin
Place of Birth: Kyoto Japan
Base of Operations: None known, currently operating out of the Etoile Islands
Marital Status: In service to Empress Sayuka of the Crimson Dawn
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Skilled in following Ninjutsu disciplines: Taijutsu, Shurikenjutsu, Hensōjutsu, Shinobi-iri, Sui-ren, Chōhō, Intonjutsu
Throwing blades, caltrops, smoke bombs, grappling wire, blinding powder

The following page and subtopics contain references to kidnapping, mind control/subjugation, and psychological and hypnotic conditioning. Although no specifics are listed, some readers may find such topics disturbing.

Daisy is a former assassin-slave of the Ghong Wai criminal cartel (now defunct). According to what she remembers, she was kidnapped in her early teans from the streets of Phnom Penh. She was subjected to years and years of extremely brutal and tortuous training regimens, both to condition her body into the perfect killing weapon and sexual object, and to imprison her will within layers of psychological blocks, traps, and other brainwashing, so that she would never be able to rebel against her Master or Mistress. Since the Ghong Wai handlers have been eliminated, some of this conditioning has been eroding, but she is still extremely submissive, and selflessly loyal to the one person who holds her Key (a symbol of her owner and master, as well as the one item that can free her from the chains that bind her).



Villain Groups



Daisy is basically a human robot, as the conditioning she has undergone has suppressed most of her emotional responses. However, she has an extreme sense of honor and loyalty, especially to the holder of her Key. Currently this is the Empress Sayuka, of the Crimson Dawn. Sayuka is using this to slowly break Daisy's programming, and free her will from the psychological prison it's been locked into.

As such, Daisy is considered 'lawful neutral', in that she will commit either heroic or villainous acts with no preference. However, she tries to avoid acts that are dishonorable to her Keyholder (she cares not for her own, as her programming has rendered her an unperson in her own mind.) In some ways, she adheres to the concept of Bushido; to her, each job or task has a place in the Karmic Wheel, and the only thing that matters is that each is performed in an honorable way.

She will not kill innocents, nor maim them, and will go out of her way to remove them from harm if needed to ensure their survival. She is able to temper her attacks to incapacitate when called for.

She prefers to remain unseen and unnoticed.

When on a team, she rarely speaks unless spoken to, and then only to respond to questions or directives. Her personality has been described as 'servile', even 'wooden'. She rarely, if ever, refers to herself using the personal pronouns "I" or "me"; instead, a nameless "this one" is used. It appears this behavior of speech was conditioned into her, to further reinforce her lack of 'self'. When pressed to speak 'normally', she begins to stammer, and her body language suggests emotional distress.

She is extremely protective of the chains that she wears, and will fight tooth and nail if anyone attempts to remove them without a Key. The protective ferocity that was noted in one particular attempt was "as if they were part of her body, an organ she needed to survive." It is speculated that this behavior is the warning symptoms of a psychological booby trap; if the chains were successfully removed by force, Daisy's mind would simply shut down, rendering her a vegetable (or dead).


Daisy will adopt the clothing and persona of the area she is tasked to infiltrate. However, outside of combat, she appears as a curvaceous Oriental woman in her mid-20's, with long dark hair (usually bound in a queue).

Her usual 'dress' is a form-fitting matte black bodysuit, over which she wears gold anodized chains in a criss-crossing pattern similar to Japanese shibari[1]. Her belt, hands, feet, and face are padded with a red cloth.

Because she is most often seen with her eyes covered, it is assumed that she is blind - this is incorrect, as the 'blindfold' is actually a light gauze. Instead, the 'blindfold' forces her to rely on her other senses in combat, giving her almost unparalleled situational awareness.

Reference One

She has also been seen in a padded and ornate bodysuit that covers her from head to toe, again with the chains crossing over the outside.

Reference Two

Not many have seen her nude, but those that have would have seen the dragon tattoo that graces her hip and ribcage. The artist, the head of a prominent Yakuza tong in the Chiba district, was her very first unsupervised assassination assignment, and also the father to her only offspring, a son she cannot remember and has never met.

Reference 3 (NSFW)

Reference 4 (NSFW)


Daisy is a kunoichi - a female ninja. All of her abilities stem from her mastery of the Disciplines of Ninjutsu.

Taijutsu - Unarmed Combat

Daisy is extremely skilled in Taijutsu, unarmed hand-to-hand combat. Most of her attacks are kicks and palm strikes, although she does employ some other methods, such as thrown blades.

Hensōjutsu - Impersonation

She also has mastered the art of Hensōjutsu - she can impersonate nearly anyone, of either gender, and with a little preparation time, can 'blend in' such that she's hardly noticed by the people she's in the midst of. Combined with elements of espionage, it is extremely difficult to finger her as an outsider until she actually attacks.

Seishin-teki kyōyō, Itonjutso - Mental Focus and Ki Disciplines

Daisy's skill with the more esoteric disciplines of Ninjutsu allow her to anticipate attacks, focus her body and mind to resist psionic or elemental effects, and even to shunt pain aside and force her body to regenerate itself.

Additional Powers

Super Jump

See Equipment entry, below.


Daisy's body is a finely-honed instrument, toned and limber. She is on class with the best Olympic decathlete. Medical measurements indicate that her heart size is 175% of a baseline human, and her lung capacity twice that of baseline. She seems to have some degree of voluntary control over her heartrate and breathing, as well as endocrine control. She has a kinesthetic sense that is uncannily close to precognition - she is nearly impossible to disorient or confuse when she is prepared to resist. It is apparent that her physical training, however brutal, resulted in an incredible athlete.

Patron Powers: Soul Mastery

Daisy's 'deal' with Ghost Widow allows her to channel some of the undead Widow's power.


As part of her conditioning, Daisy was hypnosis-trained in several areas, including skills needed to impersonate others (such as cooking, cleaning, office skills, etc.) She is also skilled in hacking computer systems, lockpicking, disabling or 'spoofing' security and camera surveillance systems, and other espionage talents.

Linguistically[2], she is fluent in Khmer, Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, Hindu, Japanese (which most of her training was conducted in once she'd been hypnosis-trained to think in it), English, and French. She has a passing fluency in Russian.


Dae Se is singularly focused on mission objectives.

If told to Steal X, then she will do so, and engage only the guards who would note the theft.

If told to defeat someone, again, she'll work her way to the target, take him or her out, along with any immediate witnesses.

She has been tasked with "wipeout" missions, where no one is to be left standing - with these, she is methodical, her strategy always to limit the possibility of her foes alerting their friends. Most times this works, but with some jobs, she has had to find places to hide, so as to avoid regular and dispatched patrols on the lookout for intruders.

She does not do well with 'timed' missions that require her to dispatch every living person on the premises. They are do-able, but it's usually down to the wire.


Daisy makes use of several devices that she carries, all modern versions of traditional ninja 'incidental' weaponry.

Throwing Blades

These small balanced knives, little more than darts, are handy for creating a distraction. Their edges are serrated so as to cause minor bleeding and muscle damage at the site of impact, as well as to increase the pain inflicted when one hits.

Occasionally Daisy will finish off a severely wounded opponent with one if they attempt to escape.


Otherwise known as caltrops, these small pyramidal spikes are also a distraction - spread across a floor, they prevent anyone crossing them from jumping (due to the spikes driving themselves through most shoe soles) and slow their movement rate. Most foes will ignore Daisy and instead attempt to backtrack to where they aren't stepping on little pointy things. When tossed into a doorway or other chokepoint, they make 'crowd control' a bit easier, and can also be used to slow pursuit if Daisy needs to make a hasty retreat.

Grappling Line

Daisy uses this to scale buildings, cliffs, et cetera. A small compressed-gas launcher propels a barbed piton, to which a cable is attached. The cable slack is spooled within a small winch attached to Daisy's belt. The cable and piton together can easily support her weight as well as the centripetal force of her body swinging on the end of the zipline[3].

Blinding Powders

Daisy employs several variants of powders to incapacitate her foes at close range.

The most basic is a black powder akin to copier toner. It is an extremely fine powder that irritates the eyes, causing minor discomfort as well as blurred vision for a few moments[4].

The second is insidious - it includes elements to induce sneezing, coughing, and disorientation, as well as a mild hallucinogenic. The powder works most effectively when inhaled, but is also designed to be absorbed through unprotected skin. When dosed with this drug[5], targets will often be taken out of the fight for several moments, and may attack their allies instead of Daisy herself.

Teleportation Transponders

Daisy has three sets of transponder codes, one the standard-issue Arachnos 'hospital' transport code, and also a Superbase and a Pocket D code. Because the handshake signalling on these codes takes so long to process, she cannot use these in combat. Instead they're used as a 'fast retrieval' if she falls in battle, or if she needs an alternate escape route from a building or installation that has been sealed off.

Nuclear Launch Transmitter

Daisy has infiltrated the Warburg facility repeatedly, and always has at least one single-use burst transmitter secreted somewhere on her person. She's never resorted to indiscriminate destruction before, but, if she's got the coded transmitters, then someone must have given orders to have the weapons ready to arm...

Weaknesses and Limitations

Lack of Will

Daisy is the victim of an insidious and brutal form of mind control and conditioning. She has little will of her own, and will obey orders from those that have been designated to her as 'in charge'. If these orders are detrimental to her health, she may get slightly creative in interpreting them, to lessen her chances of dying, but she obeys them all the same.


Although Daisy's mental disciplines allow her to center her chi, increase her perception of the world around her, dramatically decrease her reaction time, and allow her to reflexively dodge and parry, sometimes an attack will hit. When this happens, she has little means to shrug the damage off. She will often carry medical stimpacks to supplement the katas that she uses to heal her wounds.

Sprinter, not Marathon

Many of Daisy's attacks are high ki attacks, designed to push as much power and lethality into each blow. This style of fighting makes her tire quickly, and thus she's not very well suited for extended fights. To overcome this, she will often 'hit and fade', taking out two or three foes at a time, then disappearing, only to attack someone else from the shadows a few moments later.

Character History


This section will receive updates as they happen as in-game RP.


Dae Se was enslaved by a pan-Asian criminal network called simply the 'Ghong Wai'. They specialized in drug smuggling, slavery, illegal weapons sales, espionage, and murder-for-hire. All of the young women kidnapped by the Ghong Wai, Daisy included, were systematically and brutally broken psychologically, then conditioned through various methods (including hypnosis, sensory deprivation, and torture) into becoming 'disposable killers' as well as compliant sex slaves and 'breeders' for the cartel.

Daisy's fate would have been the same, except for an amazing grasp of tactics. Not wanting to waste this talent, the Ghong Wai handlers conditioned her into being an assassin, but some of her 'free will' was left intact, so as to allow her to make decisions during battle based on changing conditions.

She was conditioned into being a sex slave as well, but as part of her conditioning, she was forced to wear a series of interlocking chains around her body, all locked to a chastity device that essentially denies access to her erogenous areas, to herself as well as to others. This complex physical and psychological 'lock' ensures that she can only be rewarded by her Mistress or Master, and cannot be raped, subverted, or coerced.

She lacks the 'suicide' programming that prevents capture - thus, she was eventually apprehended (some say this was actually planned) and sent to the Zig pending extradition.

Ghong Wai Background Information


Mature Content

The following section(s) contain prose, images, or concepts of an adult nature. Those under the age of legal consent, or those who may be offended by such content, should refrain from reading.

  • Violence    
  • Sexual situations  
  • Adult situations    

The Ghong Wai was an extremely ruthless group, involved in everything from drug trafficking and prostitution to WMD brokering, assassination, and widespread terrorism. They also were heavily involved in slavery - their assassins and prostitutes were all girls that had been kidnapped during their pre-teen years, and then ruthlessly conditioned to be little more than automatons. They'd then be sent to various locales as 'sleepers'... and then when the signal was given, they'd go on a killing spree, before suffering a post-hypnotic-triggered epileptic attack that either killed them, or left them little more than vegetables.

These girls were also used as 'breeders' - male children would be brought up into the clan, while girl babies would be raised in creches, likewise conditioned to be Ghong Wai assassin-slaves.

This practice of taking beautiful young women as slaves was also used as an extortion tactic - if a locale didn't meet the cartel's demands, it was implied that ALL of the girls in the area would be taken, leaving none to bear children.

The main motivation of the cartel was economic and societal domination, and their 'services' were available to the highest bidder. So, if someone purchased or was 'gifted' with any young women from southern China, Laos, Cambodia, or Vietnam from roughly 1968 on to the turn of the century, there's a good bet some were Ghong Wai sleepers. They'd be very compliant, and lacking more than the basics as far as will and personality, although they would be highly skilled in the lovemaking arts as well as combat.

As for their downfall, they were infiltrated and then systematically destroyed by the machinations of Empress Sayuka, also known as Red Eclipse, Supreme Empress of the rival cartel Crimson Dawn, during the months of June, July, and August of 2004.

Rogue Isles

Daisy has begun to work her way up the Arachnos hierarchy, according to the directive from Sayuka. Her assigned target is none other than Lord Recluse himself ... but she has to work her way into his trust, in order to position herself to kill him.

Discovering her True Identity

Daisy and Sayuka.gif

Daisy has recently been told by Sayuka that the name "Dae Se Chan" is a fabrication, as is her Cambodian ancestry.

In reality, she is a girl named Minazaki Nagano, one of a trio of kunoichi that were set up to be captured by Gerald Maxwell of the O'Hare Crime Syndicate. The other two were Reika Kusanagi, and Karen Maxwell.

Karen and Mina were captured; Karen was returned to her father, and Mina was sold to the Ghong Wai cartel for "reprogramming". Reika escaped the trap; years later she would adopt the Empress Sayuka persona, having plotted her ascension to the top of a large Yakuza house, and from there the assimilation of several smaller houses and the dismantling of the Ghong Wai.

Obviously Daisy's conditioning is weakening considerably, but she still has a long way to progress before she could be considered in full control of her mind and awareness.


Daisy has recently been tasked to assist with the Vanguard war effort. She has been seen in the company of Khariss, although it's not clear if the fallen heroine is merely teaching her the ropes, or if there's other reasons to their teaming up.

The Mind-Diver

Daisy met up with a woman known as Katara Mindblade, a hardened telepath who was willing to not only brave the traps and other dangers within Daisy's psyche, but help her get past them and discover the key to her awareness. Kat endured tortures beyond comprehension, seeming to actually ENJOY them, which caused the computer directing the process to crash, unable to process or compute the proper sequence to subjugate Kat as it had Daisy so many years before. The crash sequence gave up a code in Japanese kanji... and when Kat implanted the memory of it in Daisy's mind... Daisy's mental shackles fell away and her suppressed emotions and ability to enjoy sensation surged to the fore.

Daisy is still learning to deal with her newfound mental freedom. She has also discovered something disturbing: Sayuka has disappeared, leaving only a cryptic note. Sayuka's attendant ninjas and kunoichi have also vanished along with her.

Arrangement with the Widow

Daisy has begun to associate with the Arachnos arch-villainess known as Ghost Widow. No one knows why, although some speculate the Crimson Dawn is jockeying for power with Arachnos. Or perhaps, it's another reason...

Deep Cover



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Artwork Credits

"Industrial Espionage"

Image (C) 2007 by John Becaro

"Fallen Prey"

Image (C) 2007 by Ebony-Chan

"Daisy and Sayuka"

Image (C) 2007 by Elizabeth Leaper


  1. Japanese rope bondage
  2. All of these languages besides English are RP'd with the possible remote exception of French
  3. This is how Super Jump is roleplayed, as Daisy is "natural origin", no superhuman abilities.
  4. Sands of Mu
  5. Blinding Powder
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