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Danger Rose
Player: @Danger Rose
Origin: Science
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Lori Lancaster
Known Aliases: [Current ID: Lori Briggs] former IDs: Lori Mayham, Rose Marie Grant.
Species: Human
Age: she says 18 (68 counting the 50 years she spent frozen)
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 146 lbs
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: Redish brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American Citizen
Occupation: Student/Heroine
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: in a relationship
Known Relatives: Christian and Noreen Lancaster (parents [deceased]); Zack, Gregory and Alice Mayham (adopted brothers)
Known Powers
Invulnerability, Local Energy Projections, Slow Regeneration
Known Abilities
Smart and a fast learner, High tolerance to pain, Stubborn
Belt carries an array of Med-Evac and Arrest Teleportation Tags.
Officer of the All Star Teen Sentinels [Sentinel Lieutenant]

"Reckless, impulsive and a little prone to violence." That's Danger Rose in one sentence. Not that I like that reputation, I'm not really a violent person. However in my line of work, fear can be a powerful weapon, so I really don't do much to change that misguided perception the underworld has of me.


Origin Story

My name is Lori Lancaster. I was born on June 21, 1939. I’m the only daughter of Christian and Noreen Lancaster. My childhood was an uneventful one, for a child raised in the middle of WWII. OK, I accept that being 5’9” by the age of 12 and a bit ‘overdeveloped’ got me a lot of unwanted attention. And that troublemaker reputation was totally unfounded! In high school I reduced my bully beatings to a minimum. I always had good grades and the only time I’ve been arrested, I was protesting against racial segregation [and I would do it again!]. What? What do you mean that’s not what you meant by ‘Origin Story’ *sigh*

The Ordeal

Right, how did I become Danger Rose? I don’t like talking about it, the first part at least. I only bring it up when I feel it’s pertinent. It all started on November 10, 1957. I was a freshman in Paragon U with goals of entering Law School. I was returning to campus from a visit I made to my parents for the weekend. The bus I was riding in was attacked by hideous creatures with super strength. They killed the driver and took all 68 passengers to a hidden facility. There, we were stripped, washed and given hospital robes to cover ourselves. We were kept for days inside small cages where you couldn’t stand. Each day they would take one or two of the captives through a pneumatic door and when they brought them back, they were in agonizing pain.

When my turn came, I was taken to a big operating room, full of machinery and only one surgeon. I was strapped to the table and paralyzed. Then he operated on me, without anesthesia. I couldn’t scream because of the paralysis and passed out several times only to be reawakened by more pain. I don’t recall how long it was, it felt like an eternity.

I spent nearly a month and a half slipping in and out of consciousness, the screams of the other captives and my own pain as only proof that I was still alive. When I was strong enough to mind my surroundings I was in a bigger cell. The first thing I saw was my tormentor, I learned his name [Dr. Hanzheimer] and with a blinding fury I smashed open my cell’s door and tried to kill him, but my body gave in and I was subdued. He then had me put in a Cryovault to be studied later. Right before he froze me, I asked him why and his reply was ‘Frankly, my dear? You’re too dangerous.’

And here is where my story really starts…

New Beginnings

I woke up in a bed. The girl who was keeping watch went off to tell her brothers that ‘Danger Rose’ was awake. Two young men entered the room and welcomed me to the 21st Century. Apparently I had been frozen for 50 years. The kids were called Zack, Gregory and Alice Mayham. They were the children of a retired superheroine called Psy-Sorceress and a retired supervillain called Techno-Mayhem. Both of their parents were murdered by their father’s former associates. The kids all inherited a superpower from their parents. Zack could sense danger, that’s how he kept his siblings safe; Gregory could control machines and understand technology and Alice could create a psychic explosion. They were following a lead that connected Dr. Hanzheimer and Techno-Mayhem’s partners, when they stumbled upon Hanzheimer’s abandoned laboratory. Despite their best efforts, they triggered the security protocols of the facility and were chased down by the same monsters that kidnapped me 50 years earlier. In their desperation they activated what they thought was a weapon and released me from my frozen prison. I really don’t remember any of that, but they claim I destroyed the monsters with ease and when they asked my name, I answered ‘Danger Rose’ and collapsed.

While they were explaining all this to me, Zack warned the others that there was danger, not imminent or lethal, but danger nevertheless. On cue, the landlady appeared on the apartment’s front door with two cops and a DCYF [Department of Children, Youth and Families] official. She claimed that the children were living alone and without adult supervision. Zack tried his ‘our parents are away’ excuse, but the DCYF Official was not accepting anything short of an adult to talk to…

Without thinking, I opened the door, still wearing only a hospital robe. I introduced myself as Lori Mayham, the kid’s elder sister. I spurred an “I’ve just been mugged and lost all my documents” story, which everyone in the room believed without need of persuasion. One of the cops even said ‘Five every second in Kings Row, unfortunately’. I told the DCYF Official that ‘our parents’ had recently died in a car crash and that since I was inexperienced and the kids were afraid of being sent away, they always tried to cover it up. After filling a report; and reassuring us we wouldn’t be separated, as long as I could provide proof of kinship and documents proving I’m at least 18 years old, the DCYF Official and the cops took the nosy landlady out and left.

When I closed the door, Gregory already had an ID, passport, and records proving Lori Mayham’s birth and early life. Apparently that was their father’s specialty and Gregory inherited his power and learned his trade.

First Strike

My first week with the Mayham kids was a terrible one. Every night I dreamt about that operating table an all that happened to me. They contacted Rebecca Brinell, of S.E.R.A.P.H. who in turn gave my case to a psychologist called Frank Bonner who had a lot of experience helping Vahzilok victims.

One day I was on my way to my therapy session and I came upon a group of Skulls harassing the landlady for protection money. When she told them she wasn’t paying anymore, they threw her on the ground and as they readied to opened fire with machine-guns, I jumped between the landlady and the guns. Bullets bounced off me, ripping and tearing my favorite shirt in the process. For one second they stopped and stare. I took my chance and floored them all with energized fists. As the landlady went to call the police, I made it back home and told the kids what had happened. They told me to go to my session and not to worry about them. After a lengthy discussion I grudgingly went to see Frank Bonner.

Paragon City Hero

To my surprise, he already knew of the incident. My brothers claim they didn’t rat on me. I still don’t believe them. Anyway, he offered me an opportunity to register as a Paragon City Hero and promised me he himself would guide me through a training process as part of my therapy. Turns out he used to be a hero himself but retired when the years caught up with him. Five months, several wardrobe malfunctions, a nervous breakdown [fighting Vahziolk for the first time] and a few emergency sessions later, Frank gave me my certificate of discharge and my Paragon Hero Application. When prompted to register a codename, I sealed my fate and entered ‘Danger Rose’.


The Human Tank Project

When my brothers discovered me, they also got hold of some of Dr. Hanzheimer’s notes. There’s really not much information. Apparently the good doctor didn’t want his experiments stolen or reproduced by others.

From what we’ve gathered, my blood was replaced by a thing called Psychoplasmic Colloid or Psychoplasma. My heart was taken out and a Bio-Kinetic Power Generator was installed in its place. I do have a heartbeat, but that’s just to keep appearances. There’s also a thing called a Metabolizing Matrix, doing my kidneys and liver’s work. According to the doctor’s notes, this contraption can make more Psychoplasma as long as I eat meat or any other protein source. And then there’s the Neural Reconfiguration Mesh, which allows me to instinctively tap into my abilities without the need of an explanation or reading an instruction manual. Handy if you ask me.

So, what does all this mean? What is it that I can do? Weeell, I have…


The Psychoplasmic Colloid makes my cells nearly indestructible. I’ve been shot, stabbed set ablaze, frozen, electrified, blasted with radiation, energy beams and lasers, and blown up by bombs, rocket launchers and missiles with minor scratches at best. One thing though, THEY ALL HURT LIKE HELL! Apparently my invulnerability doesn’t stop me from feeling pain. Of course since I don’t get hurt, the pain is always bearable, but still…

Super Strength

I can lift a car with ease. I once lifted and tossed a 68 ton tank. My strength depends greatly on my Psychoplasma reserves. As long as I have enough, I’m super strong. But the bigger the feat of strength, the faster my reserves deplete.

Local Energy Projection

Beware my ‘Pink Pom-Poms of Doom!’ I can make a small energy field around any part of my body. When I energize my fists, there are very few materials that can withstand one of my blows. Like my super strength, my local energy projections use Psychoplasma as fuel.

Psycoplasmic Armor

When I’m very angry or stressed, I can burn a huge amount of Psychoplasma, creating an armor that greatly increases my durability, strength, speed and stamina for a limited time. Once my reserves are depleted, I’m weakened to the point of exhaustion. Which means this power is virtually a double-edged sword.

Slow Regeneration

I’ve been in tight spots. I’ve met opponents who are way stronger than me and things I just couldn’t fight. When I took those beatings I noticed that, as long as I rest, my body can heal any wound it’s inflicted. It’s not super fast like those nifty regeneration powers. But it’s better than not having any at all.

Emergency Regeneration

I do have a rapid-response immune system boost that can patch up any disabling wound. Unfortunately, like my other powers, it relies on Psychoplasma, which means I can’t use it often.

Psychoplasmic Wave

I can create a wave of pure Psychoplasmic energy and release it as a ranged attack. It dissipates fast, so it’s really not a powerful attack; but it helps a lot to take down flying opponents and far away targets.


This is strictly confidential, right? You’re not gonna sell this information to my enemies. Because if you do…

Psychoplasmic Depletion

Once my Psychoplasma reserves get depleted, I lose my super strength and energy projection. Fortunately for me, there’s a basal level of Psychoplasma that’s necessary to keep me alive which I can’t tap into; so even when I’m down for the count I’m still nearly indestructible.

Psychic Affinity

Unfortunately, Psychoplasma has an affinity for psychic energy, enhancing it and perpetuating it; therefore psychics can read my mind like an open book and psychic attacks work on me like a hot knife through butter. Fortunately for me, most psychics get headaches when reading my mind due to the ‘noise’ Psychoplasma makes while running through my body.

Weaknesses unrelated to the Human Tank Experiment

- Computers: I don’t like them and they don’t like me.

- Sweet Tooth: I have a weakness for anything delicious and full of sugar. Chocolate is bliss.

-Tickles: That’s not funny. I don’t like to be tickled. Specially not with machine-gun fire, once it stops, whoever’s on the other end of the gun will be one sorry soul.

- No sense of direction: Don’t ask and I won’t be forced to hurt you.



The Mayham kids are my life. They are my heroes, my saviors and my real strength. I do the best I can to be there for them as much as they do the same for me. Unfortunately, due to a series of unfortunate events, we’ve had to change identities quite a few times. Not that the kids are strangers to this. Right now, we’re the Briggs and we’re living in an apartment in Talos Island.


He’s a very smart and mature young man. He had the responsibility of taking care of his siblings and is not afraid to admit that, even though he still lends me a hand, he’s extremely happy with the job I’m doing.


Computers are his life. He keeps to himself and is not above illegal ventures as a hacker, so I keep an eye on him. He’s basically a good kid who’s just too smart for his own good with a mutant power to match his wits.


She’s the heart of the family. Alice is both my greatest ally (when she rats on her brothers) and my worst enemy (when she rats on me). All in all, she’s very smart and, even though her life has been extremely eventful, she’s a very well adjusted girl.

Edward Grant

Shady Eddie, as he’s known on the Black Market, helped us a lot while I couldn’t carry on my duties as surrogate mother to my brothers. He adopted us and treated us very well. Since I can take care of my brothers again, he’s gone back to his more ‘profitable’ ventures at the Rogues Islands. He stops by on the weekends and we always look forward to having him home.

All Star Teen Sentinels

The ASTS is my other family. I was invited by Mecha-Lad and interviewed by Kid-Olympus, the Sentinel Leader. Not too long ago, I was offered the position of Sentinel Lieutenant, which I accepted gladly. Although I think I’m not exactly the best Sentinel for the job, the fact that I haven’t been sacked yet must mean I’m doing something right.

Heroic Career

Captured by the Circle of Thorns

Early on, I was overpowered and taken captive by a faction of the Circle of Thorns. The ordeal reawakened my past trauma at the hands of Dr Hanzheimer. I still don’t remember how did I escape from them, but since then I began to have vivid nightmares of my transformation into Danger Rose. After weeks of sleep deprivation I was finally succumbing to exhaustion. If it weren’t for American Promise I would have been killed in a sewer by Rikti invaders.

Vacation in Salamanca

Deeming I needed some rest and relaxation, my brothers made me a reservation at the Salamanca Grand Hotel. Unfortunately, my ‘vacation’ was far from relaxing since I came across a war between pumpkin heads, deer on steroids and Goth girls with issues. During this time, I met Violet Starlight, who became my ASTS sister and confidant. She tried to find the source of my nightmares, only to find herself face to face with a Demon Overlord. Apparently, the Circle of Thorns had tried to make me his vessel. Fortunately, my altered physiology didn’t allow the demon to take over and it became a prisoner in my mind, preying on my fears. Angie vanquished him and I slept better again.

Dimensionally Displaced

Upon finding out that Dr. Hanzheimer was still alive and active. I went on a manhunt that pitted me against his Lab assistant, Hannah Havoc. We accidentally got teleported to a pocket dimension called the Island of Failed Experiments, from which we escaped by working together. Upon our escape we got captured by Arachnos agents, and it took the detective skills of Mystery Kid (who had to cooperate with Servon 6, Dr. Hanzheimer’s partner) and a strike team of the ASTS to rescue us.

The Malta Group Affair

I was approached by a mysterious woman named Indigo requesting my help with an organization called the Malta Group. I asked Kid-Olympus about this lady and he told me I could trust her, but to be careful when taking on the Malta Group. This warning was not unfounded. The Malta group got hold of my secret identity and mounted an operation to take me down…

De-Aged, Depowered, Demoted

Help came to me form an unlikely ally. Hannah Havoc learned of the Malta plot and convinced Dr. Hanzheimer to save me and my family (appealing to his ego, not allowing lesser minds to steal his work). He helped me alright but took away my powers in the process with a Psychoplasmic Disruptor that also de aged me substantially. During that time, I was demoted to Security Level 1 Hero status and had to take a new secret identity as Edward Grant’s eldest daughter.

Thanks to Dark Thornn, the ASTS medic and my would-be-boyfriend (we’re dating but he’s never officially asked the question) I was restored to my full strength and age. Unfortunately my family life had had so many turns, we decided to relocate under a new identity and be extremely careful with it.

The Kronos Titan

I had the misfortune of having to fight one of these giant monsters alone. We fought to a standstill, until my Psychoplasmic Armor reached its limit and I was force to hide. The severe blow my pride received outweighted any physical wound I could have been inflicted.

Six of Diamonds

I was part of the team that was assembled to bring in our former teammate. I always looked up to Six. She and I have very similar stories and we’re no strangers to pain and darkness. Seeing her become a murderer scares me to death of what I could become. So I’m doing all I can to help her get rehabilitated.

Danger Rose Stories=

Danger Rose's Ten Sentinel Application

Enter:Danger Rose Rose's first meeting with the Mayham kids.

Caged: A Danger Rose Story A short story about one of Rose's first defeats and a flashback to her ordeal at the hands of Dr. Hanzheimer.

First day at work Short story about Rose's first day on her part time job.

Oh no! Hero of the City Very short story I wrote as celebration when Rose reached Lv 50 on CoH.

Tales of the Human Tanks: Duel A story that was supposed to be the first of many encounters between Rose and an upraded Human Tank named Hannah Havoc.

To other shores A story I wrote to justify my in-game absence for some time.

Something to say The time when Shady Eddie and Danger Rose learned about each other's powers. Stardrive asked me if he could do a follow up and I agreed.

Parting gift An unexpected twist in Rose's relationship with Dr. Hanzheimer. This was to explain some tweaks and changes i made to Rose's In-Game Build.
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