Death's Surgeons

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Death's Surgeons
Founder: Dr. Vahzilok (Technically as he did create the Vahzilok faction which lead to the creation of Death's Surgeons)
Side: Red
Motto: We seek to make humanity better, one body at a time!
Leader(s): Surgeon Scalpel (Surgery Divison), Flesh Molder (Facemaker Divison)
Logo: Vitruvian
Group Colours: Blood Red and Rust
Levels: Any
Play style: '
Roleplay: Heavy, Required
Timezone(s): Any
Recruiting: Indeed
Contact: @Emerald Shade or @Ultra Rank Grunt


Colloid VV.png Colloid DS VV Creations 2.png

Comprised of living biomass and slime, she is fairly new to sentience thus giving her the signature childish personality and fondness of things that squeak! She can take a humanoid form thanks to a suit of armor created by Surgeon Scalpel.

Colloid in her humanoid form, she is energetic, naive, and as excited as ever! Behind her is her tank

Surgie VV Icon.pngSurgie DS VV Creations.png

Mary Shelly, Frankenstein (1818)

Surgical Addiction or Surgie met Surgeon Scalpel after she became quite zombie-like and ever since she has had various surgeries from SS. Including: Having her claws filled with venom, having said claws coated in copper, adding a canister of Vahzilok Wasting Disease gas in her so she can enjoy it (she typically inhales it's fumes), several more adrenal glands being added, and having a double jointed hero's ligaments and hamstrings giving her the ability to jump quite far in one jump.

Surgical Addiction/Surgie in her typically crawling position with her claws ready for the kill

Bob VV.pngBob Bob VV 2.png

Bob was one of SS's first experiments, and he is a strange one at that. He is a mixture of squid, octopus, lobster, spider (mostly tarantula), mosquito, moth, wasp, bat, gila monster, egyptian cobra, king cobra, leech, lamprey, piranha, and a hint of monkey (Perhaps even more things not known) . Our good Surgeon Scalpel keeps Bob safe in rather large room in and under her lab equipment.

The walking mash-up of creatures, Bob in a typical stance


Flesh Molder

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