Defibrillator Five

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On Duty, Steel Canyon Hospital
Defibrillator Five
Player: @SoulTrain
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 15
Personal Data
Real Name: Capt. Loretta Turing
Known Aliases: Loretta, Defib, D5
Species: Presumed Human
Age: 36
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lbs
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Raven
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Search and Rescue Battalion Commander, EMT
Place of Birth: Stockbridge, MA
Base of Operations: Paragon City RI
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: James Turing, Jr. (father, deceased), Margot Turing (mother, deceased), Ebenezer "Eben" Turing (brother)
Known Powers
Regenerative Energy Emission (Empathy), Combat Taser System (Electric Blast), Medical Teleport System Override (teleportation)
Known Abilities
Advanced First Aid and CPR, Medical Teleporter Override Clearance, Trauma/Triage Certification, Emergency Medical Technician, SAR Certification, Nonlethal Weapons Training
Crey Biotech Defender Mark V powersuit (Defib Variant)
Cpt. Turing has been released from PCFD SAR Battalion Command, and now reports to FBSA (D.A.T.A. Division) as part of a joint FBSA/Crey/PCFD project. She still holds her rank of Captain in the Paragon City Fire Department.

Captain Loretta Turing is a twice-decorated Search and Rescue battalion chief and EMT with the Paragon City Fire Department, now serving as a heroine as part of a joint Crey Biotech/FBSA/PCFD taskforce. She wears a prototype "Crey Tank" powersuit that contains a Regenerative Energy Emission system and a combat-rated nonlethal taser system. Because this "Defib" model is the fifth prototype to be built, her callsign is "Defibrillator Five".

Cpt. Turing is unaware of the ulterior motives of the Crey corporation. However, because of the highly visible nature of the project, and her past history and commendations, Crey has 'deferred' the usual conditioning protocols normally applied to their Paragon Protectors. However, the powersuit does have the appropriate components installed...

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The Defib Five powersuit contains a Regenerative Energy Emission (REE) unit, and a combat-rated taser system.


Regenerative Energy Emission The primary function of the "Defibrillator Five" powersuit is to radiate regenerative or curative energies.

Empathy HealingAura.pngREE Broadcast

The REE system radiates omnidirectionally, restoring health to all nearby allies.

Empathy HealOther.pngREE Tightband

The REE system is focused on an ally, granting a significant restorative boost.



Empathy Resurrect.pngREE Defib Mode

The REE system pumps energy into an unconscious ally, restoring full health and endurance.



Empathy Fortitude.png REE Focus Charge

The REE system infuses an ally with energy designed to increase their concentration and reaction time, allowing them to hit harder and more accurately and avoid incoming attacks more easily.









  1. Empathy
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