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Deft Bow is a relatively new hero and a member of The Frontline. Originally meant to be a tribute to King from the Art of Fighting games, her costume went through many stages of development and eventually she turned out to be an original creation.

Deft Bow
Player: @Thorite
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 24
Personal Data
Real Name: Dr. Alessa Galiazzo
Known Aliases: Alessa (out of costume), Deft, Bow
Species: Human
Age: 24
Height: 6'1
Weight: 126 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Bleached blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Italian-American
Occupation: Crey Executive (Undercover)
Place of Birth: New York, New York
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Grandfather (status and identity unknown), Father: Marco Galiazzo (dec'd), Mother: Bianca Galiazzo (dec'd)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
World record-holding marksman with the bow and arrow (under superhero ID), genius level intellect with doctrates in engineering, law, economics, and a masters in chemistry.
Bow and multiple types of arrows, various technological inventions, costume imbued with various technological features including a psionics scrambler in her mask
No additional information available.



Early Life

Alessa Galiazzo was brought into the world the daughter of a single mother, Bianca, in New York city. She spent many years in the care of her mother's coworkers, relatives and babysitters while her mother worked three jobs just to put a roof overhead. Funds grew even tighter when it was discovered, on Alessa's first day of preschool, at the age of three, that she was reading at an 8th grade level. Special schooling had to be paid for, books had to be purchased, and Alessa had to be cared for properly. At the age of 6, Alessa's mother's hard-fought struggle paid off as Alessa was awarded a "protected interest" grant by the government, allowing Bianca to focus on one job at a time. Alessa had catapulted in the ranks of scholastic achievement, skipping as many grades as the state of New York would allow her to. At age 7, Alessa was finishing up the 10th grade. During that fateful year, Alessa was having another of her frequent stays with her grandfather, he took her out into the backyard to find a very peculiar sight: he had placed a homemade target braced against a fence, and handed Alessa a bow and a quiver of arrows.


Alessa was an instant success at her newfound hobby, becoming an expert marksman in record time, but in accordance with her grandfather's wishes, her new talent was kept a secret from her mother for a year. Alessa's unmasked her desire one year, to the day, from that promise, begging to allow her to participate in archery competitively. Bianca was heartbroken and felt betrayed that her father would let Alessa participate in something that she hated so much. She forbade Alessa from participating in competitive archery tournaments, and when asked why she decided it was finally time to tell Alessa about her father.

Marco Giliazzo

Known to most as the greatest archer in recent history, Marco Giliazzo was a former Olympic competitor and multiple time gold medalist. Such athletic prowess, however, took it's toll as Marco became infamous for using his stature to throw his weight around in everyday life. Bianca informed Alessa that her father, after his big break, had fallen into his spiraling depression because of his involvement with Crey Industries. Early in his career Marco was desperate for money as he swiftly climbed the ranks of the competitive archery circuit but the purse from winning competitions was unable to provide he and Bianca with a steady income. Eventually, deciding to cash in on his talents, he signed an endorsement contract with Crey. Marco went on to compete in multiple summer Olypmics, and bringing a record breaking number of gold medals to his home country of Italy. But when it came time for his endorsement contract to be fulfilled, Marco refused, even speaking out against their underhanded business practices. Crey was swift to act as soon after it was found that Marco "tested positive" for anabolic steroids. He was disgraced, gold medals stripped from him, and Crey sued him for breach of contract. As Marco attempted to get back on his feet he used loose familial ties to the mob cyndicate group The Family out of Paragon City and used his reputation as a deadly marksman to secure a high-ranking position among their thugs. Marco and Bianca immigrated to America soon after. Bianca had been with Marco for years and slowly watched as he turned into a monster. His depression grew and his loyalty to his wife and his own body began to wane. His obsession with drugs and other women had become too much to take and when Bianca found that she was pregnant she took it as a sign that she needed to be far away from the man who was once her greatest love.


Alessa was shocked to find out her father's identity and resented her mother for having never told her. It seemed that fate would give Alessa's resentment a tangible essence, as Bianca's health began to wane but Bianca, ever the strong-willed, willed herself to continue working. Insistent upon her mother getting better regardless of what she felt about her, Alessa forced Bianca to undergo medical analysis and treatment. Alessa was on the brink of turning 9 years old and finished with high school level education when her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was told she had a year to live.


As the years went by Bianca held strong and with treatment was able to keep the cancer from spreading, but the chemotherapy took too much of a toll on her body and she was bedridden. Alessa's schooling was often interrupted by her mother's illness, and Alessa spent most of her early teen years sitting by her mother reading books and doing make-up work for college credits. By the time she was 13, Alessa was halfway through her double major in Pre-Med and Law. It seemed the only point to her studying was to help her parents, her mother with medicine and the father she never knew with law. As she turned 14, however, it seemed that her mother's time was running out. Alessa knew that medicine was not her passion, and no amount of learning would ever enable her to help her mother at this stage, so she did what she could: she searched for her father so that she might be able to reunite them once more before the opportunity was lost forever. It took months of searching through means of information-gathering and payoffs to various people, but she finally ended up finding her father in King's Row...


Alessa approached the dilapidated apartment in an almost unlivable tenement building in King's Row. The door wasn't locked. She saw a man barely there, a dried husk of the pictures and stories passed on to her by her mother. Alessa informed him that she was his daughter and he stared blankly in disbelief, it was unclear as to whether or not he had heard her. She then mentioned that her mother was Bianca and Marco flew into a rage, forcing Alessa out of her apartment even after she had insisted that he come with her to see Bianca one last time before she passed away. On her way home, she received a call. Her mother had passed away hours after she left King's Row. Alessa traveled back to King's Row and informed her father of what had happened, saying that he was spineless and that after all the years he could have spent redeeming himself, being a better person, or even being there for her, he chose to keep himself in this situation. She left for home that very night.


The following week Alessa planned funeral arrangements and changed her double major to Economics/Law, but the day before the funeral she came home to find her grandfather with a clipping of an article from the New York Times:

Former Gold Medalist Found Dead Among Massacre

"Marco Giliazzo was found dead today along with nineteen others in what is considered as '...the most reckless act of vigilantism ever seen in Paragon City'. Found in a warehouse Tuesday morning it seems that these twenty men were all killed in what is described as a 'Poorly executed drug sting.' It seems that Marco, former multiple gold medal winner in archery, decided to enact some justice usually saved for Paragon's finest, only he didn't know when to stop. Eighteen members of the infamous mob cyndacate group known as 'The Family' were confirmed dead, one more victim met the same unfortunate fate, but was just this morning identified as a Crey Industries executive. Crey Industries has refused to comment at this time, but we are expected to hear a press release..."

Alessa couldn't read any more, her tears overflowed as her eyes were drawn towards the photo taken of the spot where her father was found. The words "My family, I'm sorry." were clearly written in blood. Her grandfather comforted her as she realized her father still had humanity in him, and that humanity was snuffed out in an act of foolish courage.

A Decision

Alessa progressed through the years earning a doctorate in both Economics, Law, and then she returned to school to earn a doctorate in Engineering and a masters in Chemistry, all the while practicing her renewed passion: archery, in seclusion. Eventually she progressed as a businesswoman very nicely, and after she turned eighteen she began to climb the corporate ladder of cutthroat business, using informants to find business fronts of The Family in New York and dismantling them with hostile takeovers, her doctorate in law allowing her to bypass even the most extensively bribed officials. At the age of twenty, Alessa (who had been working under her mother's last name: Valeeva) had done enough to stay under the radar of the media and most big business, but one tyrant would not let any competitors reach them. Countess Crey approached Alessa, and made her an offer to buy her company and give her a high-ranking position amongst Crey Industries. Alessa immediately saw an opportunity to keep what she saw as her greatest enemies a little bit closer and took the offer, seeing the other option as suicide because of Crey's relatively under the radar browbeating tactics. As an employee of Crey, Alessa moved to Paragon City.


As Alessa climbed the ranks of Crey Industries, outsmarting and outclassing her superiors, she realized exactly how blood-red Crey's hands were. Even with her subtle sabotage of Crey's projects slowing their expansion to a crawl, she didn't feel cleansed of a day of seeing torture, larceny, and unending greed. She would have to do more to feel that she was making a difference in the world. After three years of preparation and careful planning, she decided that she would do what she could to counter the horrors groups like Crey and The Family had created by using her genius and cunning as an engineer and an archer. Designing her technological components from parts she could get from Crey products, Alessa set out to make a difference. She became something more than the stoic woman with a muted sense of justice. She became Deft Bow



Made out of special electronic equipment used as a psychic scrambler to prevent psychic intrusion. When not wearing the mask she always has an earpiece that serves the same purpose.

Flight Suit

Designed to cover her normal costume upon command, her flight suit is made of a solid steel alloy that can seamlessly cover her entire body in order to allow flight in almost any condition. Propelled by rocket propulsion and multiple stabilizing vents throughout the suit, the flight suit also comes with a stealth mode undetectable by modern radar or the naked eye.

Pocket Dimension Quiver

"Borrowing" some experimental technology from Crey (originally planned to be used as a temporal displacement weapon but never finished) and books from Paragon University, Deft quickly became familiar with the concept of the pocket dimension. Soon after, she stripped all the unnecessary parts from the Crey technology and modified the "weapon" open a gateway into a pocket dimension where she could store her arrows and be freed of that encumbrance while she was on patrol. She attaches it to the back of her costume for easy and familiar access.


To be finished...


Deft Bow seems very well-mannered and formal but has a very distant, stoic sense to her. When meeting a hero of relative fame (that she might have heard of or read about in Crey's files), she seems very militaristic in her greetings. She mostly takes heroing seriously, and tends to frown upon heroes participating in recreational activities while in-costume. If ever met outside of her costume (in which case you would be meeting Crey Executive Alessa Valeeva), the well-mannered, formal impression given off by her dissapears and she is very precise and calculating in both her speech and any body language she might give off. Warning, the following could be considered as subversive content, but I chose to forego the heading as it only applies to this section of the Wiki: Going along with the original concept of her character, Deft Bow is in fact a lesbian. She is extremely closeted and has never truly divulged this information to any character.

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