Demok X'u Nil

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Demok X'u Nil
Player: Fightback
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 14+
Personal Data
Real Name: Unpronouncable
Known Aliases: Demok, X'u, Dem
Species: Demon
Age: Young (1538 years)
Height: 4'
Weight: Light
Eye Color: Glow Yellow
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Prince, Professional Killer
Place of Birth: Not of this planet
Current Residence: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Darkness Control
Known Abilities
Hand to Hand combat

Demok is a demon with a convoluted history. Not only that, his personality and reasons for his actions are often misunderstood by many he meets. Despite his rather unorthodox ways of handling villains, he still does his best to help his adopted planet.


Demok's name was first seen only recently, in a police report of a demon-like being slaughtering the Hellion gang inside Galaxy City. He has since confirmed those reports as being that same demon. Demok X'u Nil was a minor princeling on another planet, known only as Driht Htrae. Nothing more is known. Brought here in what can only be described as a summoning gone wrong, Demok has never the less adjusted to this planet's ways and customs with minor bumps. The summons itself - rumored to have been carried out by Hellions, has little information. Though demonic summoning circles have been spotted, there is no solid proof of use. He has helped the Longbow division the most, having teamed up with them and their affiliates many times throughout the year. He has made his home in Galaxy City as of current, but has never stayed in one place long. More information is still being processed and collected.


Demok is from the planet Driht Htrae, a little known Dark Mirror planet to this one. It's the third planet from their Dark Star, though all planets have life. His species is known as Nomeds, who have conquered their planet and run it with a fair bit of an iron grip. They are often faced with attacks from Namuhs, primitive creatures with pink skin and little thought. His father is Lord Kalohn, one of the thirty five that run the planet. He has an elder sister, Namilk, who enjoys slaughtering the Namuhs on her off time. Demok learned much, and played intellectual games such as Ssehc. He was taught many languages, and thus was able to learn his new planet's speech very quickly. Though still just a teen to his species, as they age slowly, he is probably older than the majority of heroes.


His personality can be described as nearly human, with a slight bent. He is usually amiable, quiet and unassuming. Still, he has some discussions where he becomes heated and violent. His alien understanding does have a unique view on many matters, however, and doesn't seem to be fading into normality. Most notably beings his views on woman, death or murder, and most combat decisions that aren't his. His noble upbringing does shine through at times in his 'better than thou' tantrums, and unfortunately his still young age.


Demok makes use of his inherent Dark abilities from his demonic heritage to defeat foes. He uses this to best effect when in melee combat, going fist to fist with anyone and usually everyone. He protects himself with this same darkness, shrouding himself in it while in combat. This darkness saps energy from enemies and draws their life essence into Demok, reviving and regenerating him.

=Quotes, Fun Facts and Misc.=

Quotes: (When in a rage) "Who gives a %@#! about you? You're new name is "Mid-Boss.""

"I don't understand it. Why go to all the trouble of talking it out, explaining motives and finally moving to defeat them when all villains need is a good punch in the face?"

"You're a woman. Of course I'm not going to listen to you."

Fun Facts: Demok wasn't based on any actual comic book characters.

Some words can be read backwards to show just how original the creator is.

Though a demon who wields darkness itself, feel free to comment on his shortness. Go ahead. Do it.

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