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The Early Trials
********** Mature Content Warning **********

The night time air is chilling to the touch, and the shadows can be seen moving amongst the crowd. They seem to be living as if their own entity, flowing in and out of the pockets of the crowd. Other than this the night would seem but a normal night, the crowd completely unaware of their lighter pockets now.

A mothers cries of distress, years of pain and suffering hidden behind tears of love. A mother in love, Her children dying of malnourishment while her husband abuses and rapes her. Her cries lay on deaf ears, no one around to hear them but poor Deri Triston. Laying down to rest at night, the cries of his mother ring through his head. Nightmares. But to what extreme?

A man with skin the shade of the night time sky, his firm grip seen around the mothers neck. In her eyes not fear but love, as she looks upon this man choking her and electrocuting her with his bare hands. The very same hands that once saved many lives, the people of paragon love these hands and have never seen a bad deed by them. Only Deri knows the feeling... His cold hands... electrocuting his mother.

The little boy, black hair and silver eyes, learned that this was how life worked. People die, and people hurt other people. He knows how the world works, and because of this he fears not just sexuality but human interaction all together. He in a sense has accepted the form of a shadow as being his true form, not the innocent boy that you see before you.

His father was once a great man, a man of a high standard. Saving many lives with his control of electricity, and his ability to form with the shadows. In a way the shadows protected him for many years, however this would end up being the very thing that corrupted him. The shadows have needs and slowly but surely they corrupted the good mans heart. The best example of this being the abusive relationship he trapped Deri's mother in.

The mother had her own gift, which she lost at Deri's birth. The trait passed on from mother to son, silver eyes that allow the sight of ones true love, in many many ways. This allowed him for many years to see life through his mothers eyes, he experienced every rape, and every beating his mother did. Literally dreaming a reality he knew the pain his mother felt, and lived through.

For years he felt the beatings and the rape his mother was tormented with, sometimes even waking up to his pale body being bruised as if he was really hit. His mother knew he could see and feel it, she wasn't ignorant to it. However there was nothing she could do that seemed right, Years of debate left her with one escape. Suicide.

After the mother hung herself, the father fled because he knew the blame would soon be pinned on him. Returning to the shadows that seemed to be his very body, he has not been seen for many years. Sometimes however, Deri feels like his dad has become a part of him. He is not entirely sure about this though as it might just be the shadows corrupting his own heart.

While he lived on the streets he learned that not only had his mother passed on a gift to him but his father did too. Having the same control of electricity and shadows that his father had. Deri chooses to live in bliss but he knows inside that the more he hides in the shadows the sooner he become the corrupted mess his father was. His fear of human sexuality and interaction however keeps him using his abilities to hide.

One day while walking down the street he stumbled upon a very expensive broken camera. Picking it up, it preceded to flash him in the eyes, and so Deri found his first love. Photography, the flashing of the light, the capture of a moment for all time. Just the thought of what photography was excited Deri immensely. He has many, many pictures of just about anything and everything, the camera and his pictures are his most prized possessions. Though his clothes may tatter his camera is always in the best possible condition.

Crush, Crush, Crush

His current activities include: Stalking Alphonse
AlphonseOnly.jpg This boy, for some reason Deri has an urge to be close to. His eyes have a need to be looking at Alphonse, and Deri has no choice but to please this urge. He tries to keep camera's on Alphonse as much as possible, sometimes even hiring other people to follow Alphonse.

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