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Player: @OldManMercy
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 30 and rising
Personal Data
Real Name: n/a
Known Aliases: the heap, the mound, stinky
Species: n/a
Age: unknown
Height: variable (see origin)
Weight: 1000 lbs (453.6 kg)
Eye Color: none
Hair Color: none
Biographical Data
Nationality: n/a
Occupation: n/a
Place of Birth: currently unknown
Base of Operations: n/a
Marital Status: n/a
Known Relatives: n/a
Known Powers
Savage Melee/Bio Armor
Known Abilities
Superhuman strength(upper limit unknown), superhuman speed and reflexes, currently unknown means of sensory input
No additional information available.


(none of this is currently public knowledge)

I'm fairly certain most of the current population of both the Etiole Islands and Paragon City are familiar with Mrs. Shelley's work of fiction, Frankenstein. What most do not know is that the book isn't -entirely- fictitious. You see, Victor Frankenstein did indeed exist. He was a brilliant surgeon and a genius in the field of biochemistry. His field of research was life. Not life forms, but life itself. Where did it come from? How was it possible? Why did it end? His ultimate goal was not the reanimation of corpses, but immortality itself. He did indeed experiment on the dead, and not just human dead but animals as well. He did not however, succeed. Decades of the man's life spent in research and experimentation only for him to die alone, his father long dead and his estranged wife having left him after discovering his lab and his gruesome work.

Flash forward to roughly two decades ago. A lone traveler discovers the ruins of Castle Frankenstein and the notes Victor left. Realizing their value, he scoops them up and sells them to the highest bidder which just so happens to be a young genius living in the Etiole Islands. Never mind the fact that this same young genius is the financier of the travelers journey, both now have what they desire. Said young genius sets up a lab close to an old, no longer used landfill, craving the isolation such a location would provide.

Flash forward again 18(ish) years later, the same genius, no longer so young, stands on the balcony of his lab-slash-domicile, sipping a glass of wine. He celebrates, for he has finally done it. Success!! Having perfected Victor's formula and disposing of the "experimental material" (read: corpses), he prepares to transfuse himself with the formula and become immortal.Gazing out over the landfill, he starts to take another sip of wine......and stops. Frowning, he leans forward, staring at......something. We follow his gaze to see....a lump. Some sort of mound. Is something moving under the detritus? His curiosity piqued, the soon to be immortal sets down the wine glass and goes inside. Exiting the front door, flashlight in hand, he starts off towards the landfill. Picking his way over the garbage, he comes to the place he saw the movement, glancing around and shining the light over the misshapen ground. He is completely unaware of two things: First, he's standing where he usually does when disposing of his failed experiments, and second....there's something rising behind him. At first a malformed mass of garbage and decaying organic matter, it slowly shifts as it rises to a vaguely humanoid form roughly 8.5 feet tall(2.6 meters). Alerted by the susurration of the constantly shifting garbage, he turns around to The stench of the thing washes over him and he doubles over and empties the contents of his stomach. This action galvanizes the creature into action. It simply collapses over the scientist, covering him with the shapeless mound of its former figure. Muffled screams that would chill even the most hardened killers come from within the mound, only to cease a few moments later. Perhaps thirty seconds have passed altogether. Almost absentmindedly, a pseudopodium extends to claim the dropped flashlight. As it flows over the device, one can see it being dismantled and assimilated and infer that is what happened to the scientist. In fact, the constantly shifting surface of the creature would occasionally reveal a piece of clothing or flesh of its organic components, both human and animal. Perhaps another thirty seconds pass, and the creature is moving again, this time towards the scientist's home. It flows up against the door, then through the open passageway after digesting the door itself and roams seemingly aimlessly throughout the house. I say seemingly, because only a careful observer (of which there are none except me) would notice it pausing in front of pictures....awards.....things of sentimental value until finally arriving at the lab entrance. The same fate befalls that door as the front one as it enters and systematically absorbs/eradicates the entire contents of the lab. Once complete, it flows out of the building and down to the sea, disappearing into the waves.

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