Doctor Domination

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Doctor Domination
Player: @Protocol 9
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 44
Personal Data
Real Name: Dr. Albert Loy
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 38
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 170
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: US Citizen
Occupation: Robotics/cybernetics researcher
Place of Birth: Arlington, VA
Base of Operations: Paragon City (former), Rogue Islands (current)
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
None inherent
Known Abilities
PDA with control software
Egotist supreme.

Currently incarcerated in the Zig



Clandestine Coalition of Chaotic Criminals (C4)


Ego in a lab coat. Dr. Loy has a ridiculously large superiority complex; even when upstaged by more successful criminals, he can rationalize it easily.


The Boys

Dr. Loy commands a small squad of not-very-bright AI droids. While none of them are Turing-capable, they do have enough spark to make comments, observations, and generally make their creator wish he still had hair to pull out.

Assault 1-3

The mainstay of the group. These little guys will hose down an entire room with laser fire on command. Unfortunately, Dr. Loy has to date been unable to get them to synch their firing patterns for maximum effect.

Def 1 and 2

While not as trigger-happy as their smaller brothers, the heavy repeaters carried by these two can leave one hell of a mark on an unsuspecting hero. Their primary functions, however, are generating forcefields and firing streams of "borrowed" repair nanites to the other units. Their limited AI makes them unable to repair anyone outside their own little family, including the Doctor himself.


Using blueprints sent to him by a future self, Dr. Domination built this walking wall of destruction as his trump card. By far the dimmest of the three, the sheer volume of fire he can throw downrange more than makes up for that in his master's eyes.

The Toys

Dr. Loy isn't simply an observer; he carries a number of small "equalizers" to help sow chaos and dismay among the ranks of whomever he's beating the hell out of this week. He is particularly fond of the proximity-triggered toxin bomb he developed, using runoff from Mercy Island and a few other "special" additive, guaranteed to leave even the most hardened hero gasping for breath.

You Can't Hit What You Can't See

All of the robots are coated with a thin nanoskin that allows them to blend into the background, rendering them nigh-invisible until firing. While Dr. Loy has tried to create a similar coating for himself, to date he has been unsuccessful in creating a film that isn't highly toxic. Rather than stand out and attract fire, he uses a lower tech version of the film that renders him difficult to see, but not fully invisible.

Weaknesses and Limitations


To put it bluntly, Dr. Loy is an egomaniac. He is absolutely assured of his eventual supremacy over the known world. Some who know him have joked that, if he was able to pump that ego into a laser, he could one-shot the entire Freedom Phalanx.

Character History

Dr. Loy was a researcher at DATA Labs up until the Rikti came. In the aftermath of the war, a survivor of a particularly harsh battle came to his attention: a fully-linked member of a villain's force, who's master had died in the War. Knowing of the man's work (and harboring a grudging admiration for it), Dr. Loy attemped on several occasions to get at some of the cybernetic equipment keeping the subject alive. When his attempts at study were consistently rebuffed, Dr. Loy atually attemped to poison the subject, in order to simply scavenge the corpse. When this attempt was thwarted, some of the doctor's less-than-ethical experiments on cybernetic interfaces came to light, leading to his termination from DATA. This was compounded by his conviction for attempted murder, and he was sentenced to 25 years in the Zigursky.

In December of 2006, Dr. Loy escaped when an Arachnos rescue team swept through the prison. As much as it galled him to work for anyone other than himself, he conceded that Arachnos had the upper hand - for now. Using a number of spare and stolen parts, Dr. Loy constructed the first of his drone units, and set out to regain his place in the sun. Until he reigns supreme, he will do the occasional job for Arachnos, but always on a contract basis - he's not an employee.


One goal remains paramount: the world wil quake at his feet. To that end, he will rely on his technological minions to do the heavy lifting. However, the limitations of mechanical processors irritate him; he views organic/technological synthesis to be the best route to power. To that end, he seeks to capture the specimen who was the cause for his incarceration, now a hero in his own right (see: Protocol 9) and take him apart to study what makes him tick.


Doctor Loy was recently recaptured during a daylight raid in Atlas Park. After wrecking a swath of destruction in his wake, Doctor Loy suddenly dismissed his servants, and was immediately captured by the Longbow response team. He is currently serving the remainder of his sentence for the original charges placed against him, along with various others racked up during his tenure as a supervillian. The motivation for his apparent "surrender" is currently unknown, and his minions have not been seen to operate autonomously during his absence.

OOC Trivia

While I had the idea for this guy for a while, finding a good name for him proved trickier. I finally went with the classic, overblown comic book-type name, just for the hell of it. (As one observer put it, "I guess he wanted to sound good for the newspapers.")

The sheer ego of this guy, however, is a trip. Even after being put in his place by some higher-level villains, he still believes himself to be the pinnacle of intellect. If he ever actually manages to come up with a plan that works, things could get very ugly in Paragon City...

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