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Dogstar Industries


A multi-billion dollar contracting company well known throughout the world, based in the Rogue Isles. It specializes in collecting contracts of any type and subcontracting them for a profit. Owned by a mysterious man who goes by the name of Straker, it is the perfect cover organization for the crew of the "Tombstone" which runs nearly illegal intergalactic operations. These ops range from smuggling all the way to intergalactic political envoys. The Tombstone hides behind Dogstar to clean its money and keep it out of sight and out of mind from larger, stronger organizations such as Arachnos who would like nothing more than to come in and steal what they have to use for themselves.

How It All Works

You need a job done, and can't do it yourself for whatever reason? You call Dogstar Industries. For a fee Dogstar will subcontract your job out to the most capable individuals who are best for that job, and get it done for you. Whatever it is, Dogstar can do it for you, and if need be, make it stand up to legal scrutiny. The only condition for the Contractors is that they are forbidden from knowing who their contract was given to for completion. This keeps Dogstar from being cut out of the picture as the "Middle Man" and ensures that their clientele will keep coming back to them.

You need resources? Dogstar will get some one to get them for you.

Taken on a job that's too tough for you to handle? Dogstar will find you some one who can handle it.

Need off world supplies, technology, information, transport; Dogstar knows just the people to give the job to.

The Tombstone

The Captain of the Tombstone is Sheer, who happens to be the owner of Dogstar Industries; who's chief CEO is a man by the name of Straker, who happens to be Shiryat's sergeant aboard the Tombstone All contracts given to Dogstar, if deemed profitable enough, are directly given to the crew of the Tombstone. This ensures that the crew, and their technology and illicit dealings, are kept safe through the money funnel that Dogstar creates. Keeping them, and their state of the art ship, safe from the likes of the Vanguard, Crey, Arachnos, and Longbow.

Sheer inherited the Company Dogstar Industries from his friend Inquisitor Xanxus. Sheer had initially joined the company as hired muscle, a killer for hire who would oversee the off-world-training program for the members of Dogstar to prove themselves capable. Xanxus came to trust and appreciate Sheer's skill and instead of liquidating the company he simply handed it over to Sheer. Sheer then began to use his seemingly limitless wealth to found the legitimate company, Dogstar Industries. From their he took the portal technology that Xanxus' team had originally stolen and began to fund the construction of an advanced ship.

Sheer then began to scrutinize the company payroll, firing unimportant members of the company and ensuring that other more knowledgeable members couldn't talk about what was going on, should they decide to leave his employ. Sheer then founded several smaller corporations under different aliases. Each one investing deeply into Dogstar before mysteriously going bankrupt on smaller schemes.

In the end, between hiring crew, founding the actual Dogstar and constructing the ship (With the forced help of several Crey and Portal Corp. Scientists) and taking all the needed steps to ensure Dogstar's financial independence, Sheer had nearly gone bankrupt, now only worth several million of the literal billions he'd once had.
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