Domi Dayglow

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Domi Dayglow
Player: @domidayglow
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: '
Known Aliases: '
Species: Human
Age: 16
Height: 92 lbs
Weight: 5'0"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Pink, Blue, Purple
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: None
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Rogue Islands
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
Radiation Emission
Known Abilities

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Domi is typically timid and shy by nature, disliking adverse attention. Typically she will do as other, usually much bigger, people tell her. As has been such with her so called criminal career. She often fidgets when nervous, which is quite often.


In Domi's opinion, everyone wants something. The only reason people have any interaction with anyone else is because of what other people can do for them. It may be something as simple as company or conversation. It can also run the gambit of supplying weaponry, drugs, or providing money. In the end, everyone wants something.

As such Domi has decided that the best way to keep her own head safely attached to her shoulders is to prove herself useful. If she's useful, other more powerful people will want to keep her around for what she can do for them. In a strange way, those same people will likely try to protect her to keep the benefits for themselves.

Or so Domi is gambling on......


Domi's body natural emits all forms of radioactive waves and particles. She can direct them into focused energy blasts or let them flow free to irradiate everything around her. Specific kinds of radiation has different effects on people. Some are capable of crippling a person while others are able to make someone far stronger than they normally would be. Most metahumans will feel a certain amount of empowerment in Domi's vicinity. Domi can sense the presence of radioactive sources. She often emits a steady steam of low energy particles that can act as a kind of radar to augment her, and other's, perception. She is able to fly by surrounding herself in a tightly controlled radioactive field where positive and negative ions repel each other.

Like many metahumans, Domi's talents with radiation have side effects. The radiation has left her sterile, though she seems immune to more detrimental effects like cancer so far. Domi also has a tendency to glow from time to time, making herself her own nightlight and robbing her of sleep. Domi's hair is actually a mix of pink and blue that appears purple when layered together.


Domi was born in Paragon City, living most of her childhood in the Kings Row neighborhood. When she was born Domi's hair was a combination of pink and blue, appearing purple as it grew and layered together. Her parents often insisted on hiding this with dye.

Domi's happy childhood came to an abrupt end when her younger brother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He perished barely six months later. It was not long after the funeral that both of her parents were diagnosed with multiple types of cancer. It was only when the medical professionals began to exam Domi that they discovered the source of the cancer. Domi had been releasing various levels of radioactivity throughout her life at a rate that had been steadily increasing since puberty. In an effort to cure her, Domi's parents signed papers to have her treated at various speciality hospitals in Paragon.

Domi's parents are still alive, though probably not for much longer. Both are in the advanced stages of their disease.

Everyone loves radiation. Especially Dr. Aeon. The someone unstable mad scientist of the Rogue Islands was quite aware that many metahumans received their powers after contact with different strands of radiation. When Dr. Aeon learned that Domi released a literal cornucopia of radioactive waves and particles he found it hard to resist. He arranged for Domi to be smuggled out of Paragon City and to his lab. There he kept Domi in a comatose state for three years whil he siphoned off the radiation for his own experiments. Many a villian seeking to augment their abilities or increase their powers turned to Dr. Aeon. He promptly gave them a lawn chair and sat them down in front of Domi's stasis tube to see what happened. Some experiments were successful. Others required a new lawn chair.

Yet Dr. Aeon's mind is erractic. He eventually lost interest, seeing other experiments on the horizon. He moved Domi's stasis tube to a warehouse. That warehouse eventually suffered a power failure, causing Domi's stasis tube to shutdown. She awoke to find herself in the middle of Lord Recluse's little playground.

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