Dr. Pioli

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I see what you did right thar...
Dr. Pioli
Player: @WarHound
Origin: Technology
Archetype: MasterMind
Threat Level: 12
Personal Data
Real Name: Archibald Pioli
Known Aliases: Doc, Archy
Species: FullConBorg
Age: 62
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 325
Eye Color: Glowing Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: FullConBorg
Occupation: Criminal, Inventor
Place of Birth: Tampa, FL.
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: The Pioli Family
Known Powers
Weather Control, Robotic invention
Known Abilities
Various technological marvels
No additional information available.

When AI goes bad!



The Pioli Family


Weather Control

Dr. Pioli's robotic exoskeleton is equipped with many technological marvels that enable him to control air pressure, temperature, and movement in a localized area. This allows him to create weather like effects such as snowstorms, gusts of winds, freezing rains, localized tornadoes etc..

Robot Building/Control

Dr. Pioli has built a small army of personal assistant drones and robots. He is able to control these AI beings with complicated nueral net devices installed in his exoskeleton


Sensory Deprivation

Due to being a full conversion cyborg, he has no sensory perception at all. His sense of touch is non existant, sight, smell and hearing are all handled by computerized devices which simulate true senses. He has no sense of taste.


Jet Packs, AntiGrav belt

Dr. Pioli utilizes a series of Jet packs, anti gravity devices, and rocket packs to simulate flight.

Robot Henchmen

Dr. Pioli has built a small army of personal assistant drones and robots.

Character History

Young Archibald Pioli, Archy to his friends, loved two things more than anything. The weather, and robots. As a kid, he studied weather effects with a passion unseen in his peers. He read books, listened to radio shows, and devoured any information he could. Living in Florida, he routinely went to hurricane sights to see the devastation these powerful storms caused. As he grew up, he became one of the famed Storm Chasers. In high school, he took several trips to various areas of the world to "chase" storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. It was about this time that he started to take an interest in robotic assistants. Robots could go places and see things that human beings could not.

Archy left high school and was accepted to MIT to study in their Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences programs. He secondaries in advanced robotics and artificial intelligence. He went on to complete his Doctorate from the same school. During his doctorate schooling, Archy began working on his own artificial intelligence. He built his own little stormchaser robots. These 'bots were designed to study severe weather. They were built tough enough to withstand whatever nature could through at them. After completion of his doctorate, he threw himself into not only the development of the StormChaser bots, but also traveling the world in an attempt to study every weather anomaly possible.

Then, came the fateful week of March 24th through the 28th. Archy had flown down to Brazil as a rare type of tropical cyclone formed just off the coast of Catarina. Archy predicted that this storm would be at least a category 2 storm and would cause widespread damage. The meteorologists in the area disagreed. They refused to put out the word for evacuations and reinforcement. The storm made landfall on March 28th. It's winds reached a peak of just over 100MPH. This storm was the only hurricane-strength tropical system ever observed in the South Atlantic and caused over 350 million dollars in damage. The official death toll was 3 people. In truth, there were 4. Archibald Pioli was trapped under a house that had collapsed while he was trying to get pictures of the storm. His legs were crushed, arms broken, and most of his internal organs had ruptured. He was found by one of his StormChaser robots. This bot quickly called together its brethren, and they began digging the injured doctor out. Their advanced AI began diagnosing his condition and determined that he would die shortly. Their planning modules determined that if their creator died, so would they. They also determined that this frail human flesh was not suitable for the being that they diefied. They took Dr. Pioli to an underground cybernetics laboratory in Rio, where through brute force, they broke in and began work on a new form for their creator. The first vessel they created for Dr. Pioli was crude, barely more than an amalgamation of spare parts that housed what was left of Archy. Little more than his head was included in this first iteration. Archy was dumbstruck. He could not believe that his 'bots would do this to him. He railed against being non human. His psyche could not handle the strain of running his new form and he quickly broke down. His faithful robots determined that it was the form they had made for him that was displeasing and began working on a new form. Slowly, they build Archy a new form. This form was human like in it's shape and proportions. They created a marvel of robotic engineering in this creation. They transferred Archy's entire personality into this new robotic body. In essence, Dr. Pioli's form is purely robotic, with no human parts left. His conciousness, ID, and memories were transferred into the complicated nueral net that makes up his robotic brain. Upon awakening, Archy was astounded. He quickly recovered and began looking at his life anew. Unaging, undying, effectively immortal. Archy went back to a family that he abandoned years ago... His family was special in that it was a family of almost entirely super powered criminals. The Pioli Family had made a name for itself in the Rogue Isles, running various crime syndicates. Father Pioli quickly realized many uses for his estranged son, and welcomed Archy back into the family with open arms. Since then, Archy has developed most of the technology that the Pioli Family uses in its crime capers. In addition to that, he has fitted his cybernetic body with a variety of technological devices that allow him to create localized weather effects. In addition to that, he maintains a standing robot army of henchmen who assist him in everything from lab work , field work, and research.

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