Dragoon Solaris

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Dragoon Solaris
Player: @DragoonSolaris
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 31
Personal Data
Real Name: Drake Galileo
Known Aliases: Drake
Species: Cyborg
Age: 25
Height: 8'
Weight: 1000 lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Praetorian
Occupation: Law Enforcement Operative
Place of Birth: Imperial City, Praetoria
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Willpower/Titan Weapon
Known Abilities
Enhanced strength and healing abilities.
Cybernetic body.



Drake's initial story begins in Praetoria as the son of a wealthy archaeologist and a business woman. The two would spend summer vacations in different ruins approved by the Cole regime to explore some of history and find out different ways to profit or otherwise help society from it. The digs were important because more often than not they would find artifacts of different eras, times, and places that were thought lost thanks to the Hamidon Wars. Drake's particular fondness was to use his younger, athletic body to get in spots where his parents or others were having trouble getting into.

This was the course of Drake's life. Live the life of a typical child, then a teenager, and finally a young man while going out on digs or helping with the corporation that his mother ran. Things were happy, great, and all around could not get much better for them in Praetorian society. Between actually going to college and enjoying his life, the young man could not have predicted what happened shortly after he turned 20.

While on a dig, Drake had volunteered to explore a hidden chamber with a small opening. It was tricky getting into the chamber, but Drake managed it as he slid down a rope. The dig site was extensive and very much seemed some sort of temple the further they dug into the ground for it. Inside this new chamber was a decorated altar that Drake felt some sort of drawing to. At first disobeying to look for a way to open back out, he figured he would need to be pulled back up after finding the only door sealed.

Still, the altar was something he could not pass up looking at and approached it. On the altar was a mesmerizing jewel as big as his hand nearly. Picking it up, he gave a tug on the rope and was pulled upwards. Drake's ascent up the tunnel was going well. No signs of the rope snagging, no signs of it fraying or possibly breaking. Then he heard something that made him want to hurry. The sound of weapons fire above.

With no real enemies or problems, Drake was confused as to who would want to invade their dig site. Pulling himself out of the tunnel, he found himself face to face with a large mass of weapons even as he set the jewel down on the ground. An order actually stopped him from dieing there, and in the bright sunlight he could not tell who gave it or why. Only their next words rang in his head as he was rendered unconscious.

For the next three years, Drake's body was used in unlawful, unethical, and disturbing experiments as he was turned into a cybernetic human being. The idea at first was that he would be a test bed for new technologies. Meanwhile, the large jewel was tested not far from him as it was the primary cause of the attack. It had registered a massive power source, but now seemed to be complete inactive.

Drake's mind was kept unconscious, drugged, and unstable. Some theorize that a psychic may have messed with his mind from those that have heard his story, but regardless for some reason the scientists decided to perform one last test despite the imperfection of the cyborg body. They took the jewel, classified as the "D-Stone" and inserted it into Drake.

Something about the D-Stone was different. Drake is still unsure as to what, why, or when it happened but the stone reacted and purged his system of the drugs in a display of power while it awakened him. Finding himself awake, breaking the restraints was easy. As was finding out that he had a weapon system of sorts. Manifesting a large sword, he proceeded to wreck the facility in a display of what most would assume was ruthlessness.

Escaping, he found three years to have passed and apparently he was declared missing and possibly dead. Taking back his parents' company, Drake began to research what had happened in his absence as well as what had been done to himself. A month later, he found his body temperature rising and had to implement some new technology to keep it cool or risk dieing.

It took him a day, but he found a solution named a "cooling coat" that would unfortunately have to be worn full time on his body. Getting the materials, it was another week before he completed it. At the beginning of his 25th year, he resolved after some security threats, to find a way to protect himself at least. He became a publicity hero of sorts. He resolved to fight back when he found out who or what had attacked the dig and cost him his mortality and his parents their lives.


Drake's body is almost entirely cybernetic at this time. The machine is as much a part of him as the organic human. To those that have studied his body, they are amazed that the organic parts can actually exist. Thus far, there are many systems that he is not aware of. The ones that he is aware of and makes use of are detailed below. Another factor that seems to be a part of him is the odd "D-Stone" as he calls it. The jewel is embedded in his waist, harnessed by a large amount of power that seems to feed his body with some form of undetermined energy. Most assume it is electricity, but considering the odd effect on his eyes when he actually uses it's power, it seems to be fair game as to anyone's actual guess.

His primary means of fighting villains and especially in defending himself is a powerful energy to matter translation device. This device seems to be embedded as a variety of small points in his body and derives all of it's energy from the D-Stone. Theories seem to place the core of the device behind or near the D-Stone in his body. With it, as long as he can design it in his mind he can usually make an object, piece of technology, or energy from out of thin air by converting the D-Stone energy or ambient energy around him into the object's form. His most common and favorite object is the giant plasma edged sword that he calls the "Solaris Fury" since his first use seems to have been in his escape. He has also been known to manifest rocket powered surf boards, steam jets, and rocket jets on his back and legs as well as simply vent black sand similiar to the Sands of Mu to rapidly punch something. Also tied into this is the ability to manifest clothes and his lightly armored costume that he wears for hero work.

As a defensive mechanism, his cybernetic body is specialized to move and out power a typical human being and sometimes a super human being. His highest strength has been shown to push back on levels that make most systems of force hard to understand. This great strength makes wielding the Solaris Fury easy for him down to being able to wield it one handed if need be, but prefers the two-handed in order to make it easier to manipulate the massive blade. The secondary system, however, is what truly makes him fierce and seems to be tied into the D-Stone as well. When presented with danger, Drake's body tends to react by sending energy to a regenerative self-healing system inside his body that speeds up his healing process as well as presents a tough layer around him.


Drake's primary weakness seems to be the fact that his body has a serious imperfection. Something which has resulted in his constant need to wear the coat he does in both identities as well as keep from contact with human beings. He can not actually touch another human being physically without burning someone, nor can he control this temperature as it is a byproduct of his systems. The imperfection is a lack of heat sinks that would require a complete overhaul of his body with a 90% risk of his human parts dieing.

To explain this further, imagine it as his body is constantly running or jogging. Slowly, it will build up heat. This heat is negated by the cooling coat's hidden vents throughout the coat that act as the heat sinks. Touching Drake at any time is like placing one's hand on an extremely hot surface. In most human cases, they will be burned. Metahuman cases are on a case by case basis, but in most it makes it where skin contact with any part not covered by the coat will result in at least a small first degree burn. Prolonged contact may even result in third degree burns or ignition of the skin.

This weakness has had an effect on Drake's psyche to a degree that he is starting to become aloof and uncaring, but has shown a startling hope that one day there will be a way to correct the problem with the leaps and bounds that technology has made on Primal Earth. In the mean time, he absolves himself to sit back and avoid relationships behind casual friendship.

OOC Homage

OOCly, Drake Galileo is created as a homage to the super robot genre. Particularly to the Brave Series that used the courage, tenacity, and emotions of it's pilots and robots to battle back against evil. Some of it does bear a Sentai look as well and a lot of different elements and planning went into the character. Feel free to look him up in the Pocket D or running around if you want to experience some of the craziness that is a shrunken down super robot.

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